Here’s Where To Get Kokorec In London

Kokorec is a delicious dish created from either the small or large intestine of baby lambs. Once everything is perfectly rinsed and cleaned, it is cooked over charcoal.

The perfectly cooked kokorec is then seasoned, sliced, and then served on a platter. It can also be served with certain vegetables or different kinds of bread.

This delicious dish is loved by many people, and if you are one of them, you are in luck because of the top five places and suppliers who offer authentic kokorec.

 List of places that offer kokorec in London:

  • KofteKing & Kokorec
  • Bi Market
  • Robin Food
  • The Midyeci
  • Aytac Company

1- KofteKing & Kokorec

Sometimes preparing food at home is not possible and you might just want to order something or go out to eat. Finding the perfect restaurant or cafe to satisfy your cravings can sometimes become a difficult task.

But do not worry because we have found the perfect place for you if you are looking to try Turkish cuisine.

At KofteKing & Kokorec, delicious food is served, especially kokorec. Their food is so tasty that it is even better than that of Turkey. Everything is made with great love and care.

The restaurant is located in London, serving only the nicest food with the help of cooperative and pleasant staff who are always there to guide you and take your orders.

Their kokorec has such a distinct flavor that it is going to be the best kokorec of your life. It is cooked nicely, seasoned well, and not too chewy or tough to eat. It is extremely tender and very reasonable as you get a large portion of it. In short, it is absolutely worth your money.

You will have a great time if you decide to eat at KofteKing & Kokorec, because their environment is very pleasant, and when it comes to food, they definitely stand out and make sure they only use the finest quality products in the food.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 7787 718435


Address: Hertford Rd, Enfield EN3 4EJ, London, United Kingdom.

2- Bi Market

At Bi Market, you have easy access to high-quality food that you can enjoy every day. You can order anything you want to eat, and it is as simple as getting something from a grocery store near your neighborhood in your PJs.

Their products are genuine, affordable, and completely hygienic because they know how much people miss their authentic and traditional dishes from time to time. 

Bi Market was founded to offer the highest quality food products at wholesale pricing, including kokorec.

They offer frozen kokorec that is rich in flavor, authentic, and affordably priced. Their kokorec tastes exactly like Turkish kokorec. So, if you’re craving authentic kokorec, they have got you covered.

Moreover, it is shipped in protective cases that are filled with dry ice to give it protection for many hours.

All they care about is your satisfaction and the quality of food they deliver. They want you to have an excellent experience with them, that’s why they are always on the lookout for better and more affordable food products.

Lastly, they care about your opinion, and in case you have any problem with their products, you can contact them and exchange them.

Contact info:



Address: Millmead Road, Tottenham, N17 9QU London, United Kingdom.

3- Robin Food

Robin Food cares about the quality of its food and customer satisfaction. Not only do they care about the people they serve, but they also care about the environment and use eco-friendly and recycled packaging.

They supply wholesale food products, some of them are frozen ones, including kokorec. They also provide door-to-door delivery, including same-day delivery.

They are an online grocery shop offering Turkish brands and other branded food products at a really low cost. They reach out to famous businesses in the United Kingdom so that they can deliver only the finest quality and authentic products to your doorstep.

They strive to satisfy their customers, and if you’re craving Turkish kokorec, they will deliver it to you the same day.

Contact info:

Tel: (+44) 7393-543066



Address: Ozdil House Unit 17 River Way, CM20 2DR, Harlow.

4- The Midyeci

The Midyeci has been cooking delicious food for years. They offer delicious mussels as well as authentic stuffed kokorec served in a traditional way.

They source natural products for their food so that their customers get authentic cuisine on their plates. You can also order their food products online and they will deliver them to you within a short amount of time.

They serve delicious and fresh food to their customers. Moreover, their staff is extremely pleasant and cooperative. You will love eating at The Midyeci because of their friendly environment, delicious food, and fast service.

They have a variety of amazing sauces that they serve with their food. Once you eat their fresh and delicious Turkish cuisine, you will come back for more.

They truly care about your needs and make sure your taste buds are satisfied every time you decide to eat with them.

Contact info:

Tel: +447400734583



Address: 505 Kingsland Road, E8 4AU, United Kingdom.

5- Aytac Company

Aytac food has been offering affordable food products since 2000. They distribute their products to a number of retailers across the United Kingdom.

They have a wide variety of Turkish food products, including kokorec, that are always fresh, Arabic food products, as well as Indian food and spices. They also supply wholesale products to many big and small businesses.

If you are a vegan and live in London, you can also order vegan food from their website and they will deliver it to you the same day. Furthermore, they carry an extensive range of halal food products that are absolutely fresh and healthy.

So, if you want to eat kokorec the same day you order it, give Aytac a try. They will not disappoint you.

Contact info:



Address: Forest Business Park, Argall Avenue Leyton, London, United Kingdom.