Is Woolwich Safe? (Plus FAQs)

Woolwich is a district in the Royal Borough of Greenwich in southeast London, England.

The Royal Arsenal, a former arms manufacturing facility that dates back to the 17th century and today houses a rising number of trendy pubs, cafes, and food shops located in Woolwich.

Woolwich Common is a large green space, and the Woolwich Ferry and a foot tunnel connect the neighborhood to the Thames’s north bank.

Woolwich’s quality of life and community character appeal to residents, visitors, and new companies alike. Woolwich takes pride in its high-quality schools, low crime rate, and numerous community amenities.

The Township continues to expand within well-planned development centers with easy freeway access, a walkable downtown, and a large municipal park system with numerous athletic fields and a network of on and off-road trails.

A farm market full of award-winning vegetables, as well as one of the small-batch wineries or distilleries situated among acres of farmland, are just a few of the local attractions you’ll find if you take a journey into the Township’s countryside.

Woolwich has a variety of local pubs where you may spend the evenings with family or friends. The Dial Arch pub, situated away from the busy Woolwich high street, serves a typical British food made with locally sourced ingredients.

The bomb and bullet factories are now gone, replaced by elegant riverside apartment complexes, gastropubs, and regenerated places for fitness, the arts, and small businesses to thrive.

The Woolwich Arsenal and Woolwich Docklands stations provide direct access to London’s central business district and the rest of Greater London.

Woolwich also has a ferry service that will carry you across the Thames to North Woolwich and back; it is a free service that operates every 5-10 minutes.

Primary and secondary schools in the area achieve good outcomes. The Majesty’s Inspector of Education, Children Service, and Skills visited Woolwich schools and gave them extremely favorable feedback.

Those considering relocating to Woolwich can rest confident that the school system is capable of providing an exceptional educational experience.

Is Woolwich A Safe Area To Live?

Woolwich has a lower than normal violent crime rate and a higher than average property crime rate compared to the rest of London.

By a simple count ignoring population, the east parts of Woolwich have more crimes, roughly 12 per year. In a typical year, only one crime occurs in the west part of Woolwich. But the crime rate is still very low compared to other areas.

In the list below, I have compiled all the crime rates in Woolwich. All crime rates are expressed in terms of offenses per 1,000 Woolwich residents in a given year.

  • Robbery – 0.3427
  • Assault – 0.0448
  • Vehicle Theft – 0.3826
  • Rape – 0.3026
  • Burglary – 1.516
  • Murder – 0.0141
  • Drug Crimes – 0.3784
  • Theft – 3.986
  • Arson – 0.0306
  • Kidnapping – 0.1232
  • Vandalism – 4.855
  • Identity Theft – 1.105
  • Animal Cruelty – 0.0153

As a result of a new collaboration project commencing in Woolwich next month, young people in the borough will be more aware of the hazards and consequences of carrying knives and firearms.

The “Woolwich Together” project will provide up to 700 young people in Woolwich with 20 sessions designed to assist them to understand the realities and implications of carrying a weapon, as well as skills and tips for remaining safe and avoiding conflict.

Some will also be available to parents in order to provide them with a better understanding and insight into the difficulties surrounding knives and other weapons, allowing them to discuss and resolve any concerns with their children.

The goal of “Woolwich Together” is to assist prevent weapons crime and dispel common misconceptions, such as the idea that carrying a knife provides protection and safety to a young person.

The project is the outcome of St Giles Trust and Woolwich-based organization B Young Stars’ successful submission to the Home Office’s Knife Crime Community Fund.

How Safe Is Woolwich London?

The crime rate in Woolwich is significantly lower than the national average. During a typical year, the crime rate in Woolwich is 13.10 per 1,000 residents. Woolwich residents often believe the west side of the city to be the safest.

In Woolwich, your chances of being a victim of crime are as high as 1 in 59 in the east areas and as low as 1 in 140 in the west.

Year on year, crime rates in Woolwich are declining significantly. Crime statistics in Woolwich declined by 36.5 percent from August 2011 to August 2014. This number includes ASB, burglary, theft, robbery, vehicle, narcotics, assault, and a variety of public order offenses.

Greenwich Council is working hard to reduce crime rates in the area in order to make Greenwich a safer and more secure Borough to live in.

A program named “Woolwich Together” will deliver 20 sessions to up to 700 young people in Woolwich to help them grasp the realities and consequences of carrying a weapon, as well as skills and ideas for staying safe and avoiding confrontation for a safer Woolwich.

Woolwich in suburban London is a moniker that’s been bandied about for years when it comes to up-and-coming places in London.

However, with over a billion pounds invested in the new cultural quarter and the Royal Arsenal Riverside housing development, it is quickly becoming the place to be.

Woolwich, once a very low-cost neighborhood, now has a variety of microbreweries, gastropubs, and sourdough pizzerias.

Woolwich is the district that epitomizes what it means to be ‘up and rising’ in London in 2018. There’s also a weekly farmers’ market that attracts roughly 2,000 people, giving the neighborhood a distinct sense of community.

Although Woolwich now only has a DLR station, residents can look forward to an 8-minute trip to Canary Wharf after the Elizabeth Line is completed. Expect a big increase in housing values in the neighborhood during the next 18 months.

To sum up, Woolwich is pretty safe with a very low crime rate compared to other places. With the low-cost neighbourhood, variety of restaurants and pubs, great schools, and low crime rate, Woolwich is considerably a good place to live in.