How Do I Pick Someone Up From Heathrow Airport? A Guide!

Every terminal at Heathrow airport features easily identifiable gathering areas where you can always find your friends, family, and fellow passengers.

If you want to pick someone up from the airport, such as your family or friends, you will have to do it from their short stay car park. You cannot pick anyone from their forecourts, the area outside the terminal building.

If you’re dropping someone off at Heathrow airport terminals, you will have to do it on the outside lanes. You are permitted to unload on the forecourts, but you cannot wait.

Now, the most comfortable and time-efficient mode of pickup is a meet and greet. Your driver will park his car near the arrivals hall and enter.

As soon as you exit the arrivals, he will be standing there with your name written on a board for you to notice it. Your driver will keep an eye on your aircraft to see when it lands so that he can be there on time.

When you arrive at your driver’s location, he will meet you, assist you with any luggage, and lead you to his vehicle.

Can You Pick Up Passengers At Heathrow Airport?

You can pick up passengers from the airport. But if you’re picking someone up, use the Heathrow Live Flight Arrivals to see if their flight is on time.

Keep in mind that due to security concerns, you are not able to wait on the airport forecourts. You should instead park at one of the short stay car parks.

Make sure you follow the signs for short stay passenger pick-up to the airport. It will lead you to the drop-off location.

Just before the intersection, turn right into the short stay car park. There are various levels from which the pick-up can occur.

If you are a cab driver or a private hire, you should begin at level 1 row R. To reach level 1, you must first descend to the bottom. It can be done by other users at any level.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that the hotels are pretty far from the airport, so you will require a shuttle transfer.

Do You Have To Pay To Pick Someone Up From Heathrow?

The long stay car parks are free for up to two hours. However, this means that your vehicle will not be able to return to long stay parking within the next 24 hours.

Private hire and cab drivers are not permitted to park there and must instead utilize the Authorized Vehicle Area (AVA). Exiting the vehicle park requires authorization from either the exit intercom or a member of the car parking service.

The short stay car park, on the other hand, is located right near to each airport terminal and is much closer than the long stay parking.

The short stay parking is safe and secure, with regular patrols and adequate lighting. Moreover, with Airparks’ special Heathrow Airport Parking discounts, you can save up to 60%.

At short stay parking, you will have to pay £4.50

if you wait up to 30 minutes. If you wait up to 30 minutes to one hour, you will have to pay £7.00. For waiting up to 1 – 2 hours, the charges will be £11.30, and if you wait for 2 – 3 hours, you will have to pay £13.90.

The charges will keep increasing as your duration increases, so you’ll definitely have to pay if you pick someone up from the airport.

Where Do I Pick Someone Up At Heathrow?

The Pick-up locations for each terminal are given below:

The pickup location at Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 is level 1 of car park 2. When you exit the arrival hall, travel about 20 yards to the front main door, where you will find a parking structure. Your passenger will meet you in front of row B on level 2.

To get to level 1 at terminal 3, exit the arrivals area and use the lift opposite Caffè Nero. The pick-up spot in the parking lot is plainly marked on the ground. On level 1 of the parking garage, you will meet your passenger. 

At terminal 4, after exiting the arrivals, take the WH Smith’s exit on the left-hand side. The pick-up site is straight ahead. You will have to wait in the car park level 1 entrance. Your passenger will meet you at the car park on the east side of level 1.

Finally, at terminal 5, first, exit the arrivals, and take the Costa Coffee exit on the right-hand side. Then through two sets of double doors, follow the short stay car park signage. After that take the elevator to the short-term parking garage on level 2.

The pick-up point is in front of Row F, to the right as you exit the lifts, and your passenger will meet you on level 2, row F.

How Do I Pick Someone Up From Heathrow Airport Terminal 2?

At terminal 2, first, you will have to exit the arrivals. Then take the plaza premium lounge exit and head to car park level 1.

After that, go up to level 2 using the elevator.  When exiting the elevators, proceed to the left and park in front of Row B.

Your passenger will meet you at level 2, row B of the car park.