Here’s How To Find Your Royal London Plan Number!

Royal London’s mission is to “protect today while investing in tomorrow.” Their organization outlines the effect they hope to have on society, the planet, and their clients.

They make sure their customers receive support and assistance from them as they develop their financial resiliency.

They leverage their role as a responsible investor to envision, invest in, participate in, and influence advancement on broader social concerns.

They manage 8.6 million pension and life insurance plans. In the UK and Ireland, they provide options for long-term asset management, protection, and savings.

They advocate for the importance of objective counsel, and a sizable portion of their business is distributed through brokers in Ireland or financial advisers in the UK.

Additionally, Royal London Asset Management, one of the biggest asset managers in the UK, offers the capacity to enhance Royal London’s position as a provider of solutions that are good value for money.

What Is The Meaning Of My Royal Plan Number?

The Royal London plan is a key to your pension or insurance plan. It helps you in the following ways:

  • It helps identify your policy identification in order to offer you accurate advice to meet your financial needs. 
  • By making use of online services, it helps manage your plan online, which includes managing your payments and beneficiary changes.
  • It helps get in touch with the customer support staff as it can speed up the process. This ensures all your queries are dealt with.
  • If you ever want to claim a beneficiary, the royal plan number will start the procedure immediately. 

Are There Any Ways To Find My Royal London Plan Number?

Using the methods outlined below, you can find your Royal London plan number. 

  1. Using an internet account to access

Before attempting to find your plan number, be sure to create a Royal London online account. 

First off, go visit their official website. After you log in, a list of your plans is displayed.

You may view all the information relating to your plan in your account settings.

  1. Through reviewing your policy documents

After you have signed up for your Royal London insurance or pension plan account, you will come across a set of policy documents containing plan number.

One of the most important documents you receive when you start your plan is the policy certificate, which usually has your plan number printed on it. 

There’s also a welcome letter, which many insurers give to their clients. Moreover, you will see a set of annual statements containing your plan number.

  1. Make contact with your financial advisor

Your plan number should be on file if you opened your Royal London plan account through a financial advisor. 

You can ask for your Royal London plan number directly through chat with them. They’ll deliver it immediately.

3. Call the customer care line

If the aforementioned methods don’t satisfy your demands, you can speak with customer service directly, and they will offer you prompt assistance. 

You can contact them in the following ways:

  • Via email: Explain your predicament and ask for help locating your plan number in an email to Royal London’s customer service. Please include in your email all pertinent policyholder information.
  • Utilizing telephone: Call the customer service line for Royal London. Ensure that you have access to your private data, including your name, address, and policyholder details. You can get help from the customer service person in locating your plan number.

Contact info:

Tel: 0345 602 1885