Here’s How to Dispose Of Cardboard Boxes in London

Cardboard boxes are a common sight in our modern world when internet purchasing has become commonplace.

Despite their usefulness in getting things to our doorstep, there is now more attention being paid to the issue of how to properly get rid of them.

The bustling city of London, which is known for its ongoing commitment to long-term viability provides a number of environmentally responsible solutions for cardboard box disposal.

The best methods for disposing of cardboard boxes in London with the least amount of environmental damage are covered in this article.

Put Cardboard Boxes Into Your Council Paper And Card Collection

The majority of councils in London provide a cardboard box recycling pickup.

The amount of time for the collection may vary greatly depending on the board but it is typically done every two weeks. Flattening them will help you save space and make it simpler for collectors.

Paper and cardboard aren’t the only things in green boxes. Newspapers, brochures, magazines, catalogs, envelopes, phone directories, and wrapping paper can all be disposed off using them.

Place Outside With A Sign Saying – Please Take Me!

Cardboard boxes can be used for a variety of purposes such as storage or packing for a move, therefore you might consider asking someone to take them off your hands.

Placing cardboard boxes outside your home with a sign that reads “Please take me” or “free” is one way to advertise that they are available for anyone to use.  You’d be shocked at how quickly the cardboard can be taken away by total strangers who need them.

Putting them outside on a day when it’s supposed to rain is a bad idea because the boxes will get wet and useless. So, it’s best to know where and when to place them outside.

Take Boxes To Your Local Recycling Center

You can also take your cardboard boxes to your neighborhood HWRC (Household Waste Recycling Center) if you have too many or large boxes for your regular paper and cardboard collection.

Although you might want to double-check your local council’s website because some do charge for disposal, cardboard disposal at HWRC is free.

This is an excellent choice for getting rid of cardboard boxes as long as you have the wheels to travel to the dump. If you also need to dispose off other waste this is the better choice because you can do so all at once.

Find Out Whether Your Removal Firm Wants The Boxes

Taking your empty boxes could be of interest to your moving company. If they are still in good shape, cardboard boxes are often looked after by moving companies so that they can sell them to incoming clients who require boxes for their move.

Naturally, it’s highly doubtful that they’ll want to take them away for you if they’re in poor condition.

Request Their Removal From The Delivery By The Furniture Retailer

The shop may provide a recycling program or a cardboard box removal service if you are having furniture delivered. 

Before delivery it’s essential to check with your seller to see if this is a service they provide. Otherwise, you run the risk of being disappointed if the delivery person declines to remove your cardboard boxes.

Online Box Donations 

You can use websites to provide the cardboard boxes for free to the people around you.  Freecycle, Gumtree, and Facebook Marketplace are a few examples. 

Your cardboard boxes can be reused or put to other uses if you list products for free. A great way to connect and locate someone in need of cardboard boxes is through online marketplaces.

Release Your Creativity Through Reuse And Repurpose

Boxes made of cardboard can be reused in creative ways before being discarded. Cardboard is a remarkably adaptable material that may be used for playthings for kids, DIY projects, and storage solutions.

In addition to reducing waste, upcycling cardboard boxes is a sustainable and enjoyable activity.

Licensed Waste Contractors Should Be Contacted To Remove Them

Finally, a certified garbage contractor can help you arrange for the collection and ethical disposal of cardboard boxes. 

Given that waste removal services frequently provide same-day disposal which is a terrific alternative to waiting for the council’s next green box collection date this choice is by far the most time-effective one in this guide.

Why Is Proper Disposal Of Cardboard Boxes Important?

London continues to place a high priority on long-term viability and properly discarding cardboard boxes is essential to cutting waste and saving resources.

You may support the city’s eco-friendly initiatives by embracing the different options available, such as roadside collections, recycling facilities, creative reuse, and composting. Remember that the tiny steps we do today are the first step toward a greener London.

Secondly, Paper pulp from wood which is a limited resource is used to make cardboard boxes. Recycling these boxes reduces the need for new wood pulp, helping in the preservation of our forests.

So, when you’re wondering how to get rid of cardboard boxes in London, consider it a quick approach to help protect the environment.

Additional advice on disposing of cardboard boxes in London is provided below:

  • Make the cardboard boxes as small as you can. They will be simpler to dispose of or recycle as a result.
  • Get rid of the cardboard box’s tape and labelling. By doing this, the recycling process will remain clean.
  • Make sure that the boxes are neat and dry if you’re taking them to the dump.

These suggestions can assist in disposing of cardboard boxes in London in a way that is both practical and environmentally friendly.