Here’s How To Dispose Of A Christmas Tree London!

Are you considering to purchase a genuine Christmas tree for yourself this year? You will regrettably have to discard your tree after the New Year.

The good news is that genuine trees may be composted, repurposed, and reduced to chippings for use in neighborhood parks and green spaces!

In London, the majority of municipalities will either set up drop-off locations or collect your tree along with your regular trash collection.

For additional information on your local arrangements, see our guide below.

You can dispose of your Christmas tree in one of three ways:

1. Organize A Council Pickup From Your House

Many London authorities provide a free kerbside Christmas tree-collecting service to their households.

 Different councils offer different services. For instance, some pick up alongside the regular residential general rubbish collection. Some only pick up if you have a yard trash service subscription.

Even though this method of Christmas tree removal is the most practical, not all boroughs provide it. Check the list below to determine if your borough offers curbside collection.

2. Take It To A Council Drop-Off Location Nearby

You take it to a nearby drop-off location rather than having it picked up from your house where it can be turned into chippings for paths or turned into soil

Every London municipality typically has at least one designated location for old Christmas trees.

If you don’t feel like waiting around for kerbside collection, which only takes place on set dates, this option is quite helpful. Drop-off spots can be found both at permanent venues and at neighborhood parks and other public spaces.

Below, we have put together a list of boroughs with their drop off locations:


If you are signed up for Brent garden waste service, you can cut your tree into pieces and place these in your green bin.

Or drop it off at

  • Silver Jubilee Park (Bottom of Townsend Lane)
  • Roe Green Park (Entrance off Kingsbury High Road)
  • Welsh Harp open space (Car park)
  • Barnhill Open Space (Top of Barnhill)
  • Preston Park Recreation Ground (Car Park College Road)
  • Gladstone Park – Kendal Road Entrance
  • Northwick Park (by the Car Park)
  • King Edward VII Park ( Car park St Johns Road)
  • One Tree Hill (Bridgewater Road)
  • Barham Park – by the main car park/library
  • Central Park car park (Bull Lane entrance), Barking Park car park (South Park Drive entrance), or St Chads Park car park (West Road entrance).


Trees will be collected from your home on your rubbish and recycling day. Put your tree out on the front boundary of your property by 6 am.


Summers Lane recycling center in North Finchley.


Take the tree to the Household Reuse and Recycling Centre at Factory Lane, Fishers Farm, or Purley Oaks.


Residents who are members of the green garden waste wheelie bin collection service can use this service to recycle their real Christmas trees. Trees must be put in the bins for recycling.         

Or drop it off at Norman Park, Bromley.


Drop off point at Morden Reuse and Recycling Centre.

Kingston Upon Thames 

Drop off point at recycling center off Villiers Road.

Kensington and Chelsea

Holland Park car park, Abbotsbury Road W14


Drop off point at Chigwell Road tip.


Drop off point at Jenkins Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre in Beckton.

Hammersmith & Fulham

Drop-off points:

  • Fulham Palace Road Cemetery (opposite Queensmill Road)
  • Cathnor Park (next to the play area, Greenside Road)
  • Bishops Park (next to the cafe, Bishops Park Road/Stevenage Road entrance)
  • Loris Road Community Gardens Batoum Gardens
  • New King’s Road (on the edge of Eel Brook Common)
  • Normand Park (opposite Lillie Road entrance)
  • Wormholt Park (Sawley Road entrance)
  • South Park (hard standing next to cricket nets, access by foot via Woolneigh Street)
  • Wormwood Scrubs car park (off Scrubs Lane)


Drop-off points:

  • Squire’s Garden Centre car park, Sixth Cross Road, TW2 5PA
  • Barn Elms Sports Centre, SW13 0DG
  • Ham Street Car Park, TW10 7RS
  • Old Deer Car Park, TW9 2RA
  • Hampton Library car park, TW12 2AB
  • Nelson Road Car Park, TW2 7BB

Before discarding the tree, Londoners are advised to take down all ornaments, tinsel, garland, skirts, and lights.

3. Retailers of Christmas trees gather it

Several Christmas tree vendors in London provide a disposal and recycling service:

Old trees are given away for free in the parking lots of the Camden Garden Centre and Boma Garden Center.

Additionally, but at a cost, Clickmas Trees, Hassle Free Christmas Tree, Pines and Needles, and Christmas Forest offer a collection service. Depending on the service needed and the size of the tree, prices might range from $15 to $65.

Check their websites for further information:

Here are a few waste and recycling tips that you should follow before disposing of your Christmas tree:

  • Throw away the bags and wrapping paper:

These products frequently have colored plastic or foil coatings that are not recyclable and can pose major issues for paper mills when combined with other products.

  • Make your boxes flat:

Cartons can be flattened, bundled, and broken down to assist recycling vehicles save room. Cardboard bundles should either be packed flat in your blue bin or no larger than 75 cm × 75 cm x 30 cm.

  • Containers shouldn’t be placed on snowbanks:

Bin placement on level ground helps keep collection employees safe because snowbanks make it harder to determine where a curb might be.

  • Avoid “Wishcycling”:

It is the practice of thinking that anything is recyclable just because the user wants it to be. The blue bin should not contain items like clementine boxes, ribbons, decorations, bows, plastic toys, Styrofoam, or soiled paper plates, which are frequently mistakenly thought to be recyclable.

  • Download the RecycleCoach App

It is also advisable to download the RecycleCoach App to assist in answering what goes where and provide additional waste reduction suggestions if you’re unsure of what may go in the blue box.