Here’s How To Dispose Of Furniture London

Occasionally, we are faced with the challenging decision of what to do with the old furniture. It’s time to implement solutions that work for you, whether you operate your own business or are relocating.  

There are numerous methods for removing undesirable furniture at the touch of your smart devices, in addition to simply leaving the furniture where it is.

Some could argue that it’s difficult to get rid of furniture in London. However, relax as we guide you through the well-researched solutions available to dispose of used beds, reclining chairs, sofas, chairs, tables, bean bags, bar stools, and mattresses, among many other types of furniture.

We will look at various furniture removal solutions and explore the best options for disposing of furniture in London in this article.

Do You Really Want To Get Rid Of Your Furniture?

If your furniture is in very good condition and are not sure if you should get rid of it, you can simply reuse it by following the ideas listed below.

Furniture Makeover

You may uncover original, inventive methods to redesign furniture and give it a much-needed facelift using idea sites like Pinterest.

Imagine, for instance, painting drawers in a variety of funky hues or making a wall hanging out of something you want to get rid of, such perhaps a worn-out cushion or an old wooden frame.

Furniture Made Of Recycled Wood

It is possible to repaint and revitalize beds, chests, cots, tables, stools, and chairs. You may always utilize any old paint that is lying around in your garage, especially with wooden furniture.

It will work out to be a win-win situation because you can reuse old paint and breathe new life into beaten-down furniture without having to throw it out.

Reupholster Your Sofas Or Chairs

This choice might be right for you if you’ve ever questioned “how to dispose of the mattress.” It is simple to reuse furniture with stuffed cushions by giving it to a professional or doing it yourself to re-stuff it with cotton or another soft material and give the items a nice recovery.

Such techniques can be used to mend many unsightly, worn-out pieces of furniture, such as a deflated bean bag whose EPS beads have lost their volume.

How To Get Rid Of Furniture In London?

Now, if you are considering buying new furniture and want to get rid of the old one or just don’t want it anymore, you can follow the ideas listed below.

Contact Online Retailers To Pick Your Furniture:

Online retailers are useful in removing furniture in a way that is good for the environment and for those who might require furniture that would otherwise be thrown out.

By visiting the websites of the online retailers mentioned below, you may quickly arrange for a special bulky garbage collection of large items because the majority of municipalities are in charge of collecting used products such as old sofas, refrigerators, etc.

This is a good cost-effective solution due to the reasonable prices.

1.      RecycleZone

You can rely on RecycleZone to get rid of old furniture in an environmentally responsible and thoughtful manner because they provide a variety of furniture collection and disposal services throughout London and the rest of the UK.

Contact info:

Tel: 020 3951 0083



Address: 4 Prince Albert Road, London, NW1 7SN

2. helps you to dispose of an unwanted sofa, bed, table, or desk immediately.

To arrange for the removal of your furniture, use their online booking form or just give them a call.

The experts will load your goods into their van and transport them to the closest rubbish disposal facility, where they will be safely disposed of and dispersed for recycling.

Contact info:


3.      Rubbish Please

With Rubbish Please, you’ll be in capable hands because they’ve been assisting with the removal of old sofas, beds, and much more all around London for more than ten years.

You’ll be able to quickly and easily schedule a convention booking time for them; they can arrive early in the morning, late in the evening, or on the weekend.

There are no hidden fees or final added-on charges when you hire them because all labor, vehicle costs, as well as safe rubbish disposal and recycling, are included in their basic rates. You’ll just need to point at what needs to be gone and watch as the friendly, energizing staff gets to work.

Contact info:

Tel: 020 3404 5556


4.      Clear it Waste

Clear it Waste is also a furniture removal company situated in London that offers services to homes and businesses throughout the city. Their skilled staff of rubbish collectors serves a variety of boroughs and postcodes in Greater London and London.

At a fraction of the price stated by other nearby junk removal businesses, they provide furniture removal services that are competitively priced. With clearances starting as low as £50 in some circumstances, they take pleasure in being reasonably priced.

Depending on how much rubbish and furniture you want them to take, you will have to pay a specific price for your removal.

Contact info:



Furniture Collection by Local Charities

Another choice is to donate your old furniture pieces to a good cause. Many organizations in London accept furniture donations, and occasionally they will even come and pick up the goods from your home.

This is a fantastic method to get rid of your old furniture and give back to the community at the same time. The British Heart Foundation and Age UK are two of the most well-known organizations that welcome furniture donations.

Pass On The Legacy — Friends And Family

You might decide to part ways with your old furniture, but friends or family who are relocating or in need of extra upholstery for their current house or workplace might find use for them.

There is a potential that your old office desk and chair will operate perfectly in their new home office, especially for the large number of people who work from home.

Sell Or Give It Away Online!

Why not think about assisting someone who could actually need it through a convenient online market rather than conveniently choosing bulk rubbish removal?

This is a different choice to consider if your old furniture is in good shape. All you need to do is upload a picture of your things to a website like Gumtree, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Freegle, or Freecycle Furniture.