How To Dispose Of Microwave London

A microwave’s lifespan is constrained and typically spans from 4 to 8 years, depending on usage and maintenance practices. Afterward, you might buy a new microwave, but what would you do with the old one?

E-waste is sometimes called electronic garbage. It contains substances that are hazardous to the environment and human health.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences estimates that about 30 million metric tonnes are produced each year.

It is against the law to dump appliances like microwaves in a nearby landfill together with household rubbish.

E-waste must be sent to a waste recycling facility because it contains dangerous materials, ensuring correct disposal.

You can dispose of your old microwave oven in an environmentally responsible way by using the methods we’ve covered here.

Try Recycling With A Manufacturer’s Assistance

Some manufacturers provide specific programs to help customers get rid of microwaves. These companies will pick up the used microwaves and recycle the remaining parts while using some of the electrical components.

Contact the manufacturer of your microwave via phone or email if you’re not sure if they provide such a program. They can let you know if a program is available and give you instructions on how to return the old microwave.

You might be responsible for the shipping costs, but it’s also possible that the manufacturer will cover them to ensure the equipment is properly recycled.

Give Away Your Old Microwave

Donating is always the best option when trying to get rid of items you no longer need. However, it must be in working order, a broken microwave cannot be donated.

Now, you could even wonder, “To whom?” It can be difficult to find the appropriate recipients for your old microwave.

Finding the best recipients for your old microwave can be difficult because you may not be aware of who really wants it and who doesn’t. And you don’t want to give an outdated microwave to someone you know and offend them.

The ideal recipients of donations are high school students. If you could help them check something off their list of college necessities, they would be grateful to you. You might perhaps donate it to the nearby homeless shelter. It will be advantageous!

Drop Off At A Recycling Facility

Householders are warned not to dispose of microwaves and other trash electrical and electronic equipment in their domestic or general rubbish bins because doing so could harm the environment, according to white goods disposal standards.

But they should be recycled, and the best way to accomplish that is to take them to a recycling center close by.

Due to their size and weight compared to other household items, microwave ovens are simpler to transport to a recycling site than certain other white goods.

Recycling appliances is a fairly basic and easy process. Whether they are functioning or not, all appliances can be recycled and turned into useful materials.

Small electrical appliances are frequently regarded as hazardous materials since they can include dangerous elements that not only pose a risk to your health but also to the environment.

This is why recycling should be used for proper appliance disposal. Considering that it is a means for you to ensure that your electrical waste is disposed of properly.

Get It Fixed

Making every effort to reuse everything and everything is one of the best methods to live an eco-friendly life. This also applies to all of your home’s appliances.

Before you consider paying money to purchase something more modern and glitzy. Why not bring it to your neighborhood repair shop to see if they can fix it? If there are none nearby, simply search online for the one that is most convenient for you.

Warning: Occasionally, repairs can cost more than simply purchasing a new one.

Sell It

You may always try to sell it rather than toss it. On the internet, there are several options for getting rid of outdated appliances.

All you need to do is gather information on the thing you’re selling and snap some images of it. You’d be shocked at how much money you could make selling some of the items you may think are useless. One man’s garbage is another man’s gold, as the saying goes.

However, be ready to hold onto the equipment and be accommodating to visitors who may want to see it.

Oh, and let’s not forget all the time wasters who will vow to come down but never show up! The majority of people will also want to bargain!

If your microwave is broken and no one is buying it, you can simply sell its parts to a merchant.

It could bring in a sizable profit because scrapyards will gladly salvage the copper, internal processors, metal parts, and steel components. It is also good to know that your microwave will not wind up in a landfill!

Contact Professional Rubbish Removal Service

The best course of action may be to hire a reputable rubbish removal company if you want to rid of your microwave oven conveniently.

Companies that remove white goods may manage your garbage from beginning to end. Your white goods can be disposed of responsibly by Express Waste Removal.

Here is a collection of the professional rubbish removal companies with their contact info:

1. Scrap My Appliance

Tel: 0800 599 9003



2. Eco Rubbish Clearance

Tel: 0800 988 3061



Address: 400 Edgware Rd, London NW2 6ND

3. Junkwize

Tel: 020 3797 6741

Email: or


Address: Studio 31, Sunnyhill House, 3-7 Sunnyhill Road, London SW16 2UG, United Kingdom

4. Rainbow Rubbish Removals

Tel: +44 7852 252939



Address: 114 Ashfield Avenue, WD23 4TD, London, UK