Here’s How To Donate Furniture London

It’s difficult to get rid of old furniture. You realize the old coffee table needs to be thrown away soon after giving in and purchasing a new, possibly underpriced, mid-century modern coffee table, and the street corner suddenly seems quite alluring.

But why not arrange a furniture collection for a good cause rather than waiting for the floor shop to attract some customers? Any charity in London that collects furniture can assist in this situation.

It can be a method to help others and end furniture poverty in addition to preventing trash. According to the advocacy group End Furniture Poverty, 9% of adults and children nationwide are living without furniture and other necessities.

Therefore, we have you covered if you want to donate some used furniture and want to know the specific ins and outs.

What Are The Charities That Accept Donations Of Furniture?

Many charities collect furniture in London and offer a free pickup service to rehome it for a good cause.

1. British Heart Foundation

Through the British Heart Foundation, you can arrange a free collection. All you need to do is check the British Heart Foundation website here to see if a pickup is offered using your postcode. 

This highly flexible service allows you to change your designated collection slot up to 24 hours before your scheduled pickup time.


2. Local organisations such as NewStarts

Local organizations like NewStarts, which receives financing from Big Issue Invest, frequently are aware of the needs in their neighborhood.

You can schedule a donation collection with one of their volunteers by calling 01527 882410 or stopping by the depot between Monday and Friday. Drivers determine whether an item can be collected based on the object’s condition.

3. Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder offers care and support to those who have lost a loved one, as well as to those who are coping with a terminal illness or a neurological condition.

Sofas, tables, wardrobes, mattresses, minor electrical appliances, and many more goods are all eligible for their free collection service. They will not, however, gather white things.

All they require is that everything be in sellable shape. Call their National Furniture Line at 0333 0031883 if you’re unsure if they’ll accept your furniture and want to determine if it’s in good enough shape.


4. Shelter

Shelter provides a variety of furniture collection options for your home. They primarily provide full and partial home clearing services, which are perfect if you need to get rid of a lot of items or if a person has recently moved out and no longer needs their possessions or has sadly passed away.

The half service is free, but they charge for the full home clearance service. Additionally, they are exclusively accessible to anyone living within a 25-mile radius of one of their eight furniture stores around the nation.

Visit their website to locate your neighborhood furniture store. Simply get in touch with your neighborhood store to arrange a collection and go over what has to be cleared out.


5. Emmaus

Emmaus is a nonprofit organization that helps people overcome homelessness by giving them stable housing for as long as they need it as well as meaningful employment, training, and support.

Emmaus can be the best collection charity for you if your products are somewhat worn and might not be able to be sold in their current state.

They have an upcycling workshop where they take any furniture or objects that aren’t in sellable condition and upcycle them so they are ready to be sold, despite the fact that they prefer products they can sell on.

You must locate your neighborhood Emmaus and get in touch with the store to learn more about their collection services in order to schedule your collection.


6. British Red Cross

Many British Red Cross charity stores will run furniture collections, but the organization advises contacting your local store to find out whether they can as well.

To find out if your neighborhood store offers a collection service, you’ll need to contact them.


What Should I Donate To Charities That Collect Furniture?

All around the country, groups who collect furniture are eager to accept anything in decent condition. anything from silverware and dinnerware to white goods and bigger things like sofas and couches. There is always a significant demand for beds and tidy mattresses.

Before setting up a collection, we advise doing your homework and calling the charity to discuss any furniture you want to be taken away, as well as providing information about the furniture’s condition, size, and location in your home.

It’s crucial to avoid wasting time on items that have been damaged and cannot be used again or sold by the charity.

Can I Donate A Couch That Doesn’t Have A Fire Label?

No. It is illegal for charity to sell upholstered furniture without the appropriate label, so be sure your sofa has one.

The fire label can be found on the sofa’s outside surfaces, such as the bottom or beneath the cushions. It needs to be tightly secured.

An unfastened, unreadable, or missing fire label is extremely uncommon to be accepted by a charity.

Is Donating Furniture Good For The Environment?

Donating old furniture is a great move to make if you’re seeking methods to live more sustainably. Not only does it give those in need a much-needed helping hand, but it also prevents a significant amount of furniture from being dumped in landfills each year.

By ensuring that 71,000 tonnes of donated goods are not disposed of each year, the British Heart Foundation alone has been able to prevent 135,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere.