Here’s How To Donate Hair In London!

Have you ever considered getting your haircut short to support a good cause? Giving your hair is a kind gesture that can significantly improve the lives of cancer patients in London.

Real hair wigs can provide patients with a sense of normalcy and increase their confidence and self-esteem. Losing hair after cancer treatment can be distressing.

You may assist in providing real hair wigs to folks who might not otherwise be able to afford them by donating your hair.

The information in this comprehensive guide on hair donation in London will teach you everything you need to know about how to help cancer sufferers by donating your hair.

Are There Any Requirements For Donating Hair In London?

There are certain requirements that one must fulfil before donating your hair. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Your hair must be long and in good condition to be donated or sold. 
  • The length is determined by the charity or business you use. Some request a minimum of 7 inches, while others demand a minimum of 14 inches.
  • You measure the length of the ponytail that would be chopped off (donated) to determine whether your hair is long enough. 

Hair types that can be donated include:

  • All natural hair types, including curly, wavy, straight, and coily hair, are acceptable for donation.
  • Dreadlocks: As long as they are clean and meet the length standards, certain hair donation organizations in the UK will accept dreadlocks.
  • Hair extensions: As long as they are made of human hair and meet the length standards, certain hair donation organizations in the UK will accept extensions.

Moreover, put your clipped ponytails in a sturdy cardboard envelope after receiving a haircut. In a seperate envelope, place the completed hair donation form.

How Does Hair Donation Work?

Shaving off a sizable portion of your hair and donating it to a company that creates real hair wigs for cancer patients is known as hair donation.

Real hair wigs made from donated hair are styled to resemble each patient’s own hair and fitted to fit their heads after being checked and treated to eliminate any extra hair.

During treatment, hair donations give cancer patients a sense of normalcy and may assist to increase their self-esteem and confidence.

Are There Any Hair Donation Organizations In London?

  • Bloomsbury Wigs

The London-based business Bloomsbury Wigs specializes in making top-notch genuine hair wigs for those who are losing their hair due to cancer treatment or other reasons.

They run a program called Hair Harvest where they purchase hair from those who want to donate their hair. Payment amounts depend on the length of the donated hair and must be at least 14 inches long.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 7404 6040


Address: 27, 28 Eastcastle St, London W1W 8DH, United Kingdom

  • John Frieda

In an effort to help children feel more secure, John Frieda has teamed up with The Little Princess Trust to urge people who may have allowed their hair to grow longer than ever before to donate their lockdown locks.

You can donate your hair by cutting them at home or a salon. First off, just wash your hair using a shampoo and conditioner. After drying them, put your hair in a ponytail. 

At the top and bottom of the hair, fasten with hair bands. If you are getting a haircut from a salon, request that your hair stylist trim over the top band.

Place the ponytail inside a cardboard or protective envelope and also add the Hair Donation Donor Details Form that you have completed.

Contact info:

Tel: 0800 652 1496


Address: Kao, 6 Agar Street, London, WC2N 4HN, UK.

Why Do Cancer Patients Need Hair Donation? 

Hair loss is a frequent side effect of cancer treatment, and for patients, it can be upsetting.

These wigs made from real hair help cancer patients return to their normal lives with a sense of confidence and well-being. 

An excellent approach to express support and have a positive influence on someone’s life during a trying time is to donate hair to cancer patients.

How To Donate Hair In London?

The steps listed below will help you donate your hair in London:

  • Contact the program for hair donation: 

Contact the organization of your choice to learn how to donate your hair. 

Others may require you to mail your straight hair to their headquarters, while some charities provide kits with instructions and pre-paid mailers.

  • Cut your hair:

Use a pair of sharp scissors to trim your hair above the elastic band or hair tie. Be careful to cut straight across and avoid rough edges.

Make sure your hair is the appropriate length one more time. You can also visit a salon to receive your haircut.

  • Put your hair in a package:

You can do it by placing it in a plastic bag or an envelope and sealing it tightly. Also, add the date of the donation as well as your contact information. 

Use the contribution kit as directed if you’re using one.

Finally, send your hair to the hair donation organization by using a safe and traceable delivery option, such as registered delivery or courier.

What Other Ways Can I Support A Hair Donation Charity?

  • Have Your Hair Cut Sponsored

Whether you go all out and shave your head or merely have your haircut incredibly short, extreme hairstyles can be a terrific way to attract sponsors. 

By raising money for the charity organization you support, you can still make a difference even if your hair does not fulfill the requirements for donation.

  • Spare some time

If you really can’t bring yourself to get your haircut, you may volunteer for a hair donation organization and contribute your time rather than your hair. 

A few ways to become involved include handling social media accounts, processing donated hair, or assisting with other administrative duties.