Here’s How To Get A Criminal Record Check In London!

Getting a criminal record check is frequently a crucial step in the process, whether you’re applying for a job, volunteering, or immigration.

People can get a criminal record check in London, just like in many other locations around the globe, to verify their legal history and show that they are qualified for various opportunities.

You can follow the instructions in this article to get a criminal record check in London.

What Is A Criminal Record Check?

An RCMP database check known as a Criminal Records Check (CRC) is typically necessary for immigration, bylaw license applications, and employment-related purposes.

It is not meant for people looking for a job or a volunteer opportunity dealing with children or other vulnerable people.

How To Request A Criminal Record Check In London?

Follow these steps to get a Criminal record Check in London:

  • Choose the sort of Check Required:

Before beginning the application process, choose the sort of criminal history check that is necessary for your particular circumstance. 

Your prospective employer or group should be clear about the type of check that is required.

  • Fill out the Application Form:

You must finish the relevant application form in order to start the procedure. You can get the form through your company or group, or you can get it online from the government’s official website. Fill out the form completely, including all required personal information.

  • Verify Your Identity:

You will be required to provide numerous original documents, such as a passport, driver’s license, or utility bill, in order to prove your identity. Depending on the type of check and the company seeking it, different documents might be needed.

  • Application Submission:

Send the appropriate authority your filled-out application, the necessary identity papers, and money (if necessary). The application form should include the mailing address and other necessary information.

  • Wait for the Results:

A criminal background check in London can take a while to process, but you should normally have the results in a couple of weeks. You might get a certificate in some situations, while in others, the results might go straight to your company or group.

  • Review and Share the Results:

Examine the results of your criminal history check thoroughly to verify accuracy after receiving them. Share the outcomes with your employer or the appropriate organization if the findings are satisfactory.

What Is A Volunteer And Its Benefits?

A person who performs a service without any payment other than reimbursement for expenses or an honorarium is referred to as a “volunteer”. It doesn’t include someone who receives another type of credit, such as academic credit or finishing a sentence requirement.

Volunteers pay a processing cost of $9.95 plus tax and receive their VSC at a discounted price of $15 plus tax, or their CRC and CRJMC for free.

You must meet the requirements outlined below in order to be considered a volunteer:

  • When you submit your application, you must be a resident of the City of London.
  • You must acquire a volunteer letter from the organization listed as the “requesting agency” on your application form in order to be considered for volunteer employment. 
  • Two forms of legitimate identification from the government, one of which must bear your:
  1. Full name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Photo
  4. Signature
  • If your current London address isn’t listed on your identity, you’ll need to show verification of it. This might appear on a utility bill or in a rental agreement, for instance.
  • If you have ever been convicted of a crime, you must disclose it to them.

How Long Will The Record Check Process Take?

Despite their best efforts, wait times may vary based on the volume of requests they are currently receiving. 

The banner that appears when you first select the Record Checks option on the website will be updated to reflect their most recent projected processing timeframes. 

If you are informed that your record check will be mailed to you, Canada Post estimates an additional delivery time of 5-7 days.

How Will I Receive My Record Check?

When the record check is finished, you will be notified by email.  After logging into your online account, you can download a copy electronically. 

In the email, there will be additional instructions.  You will still get an email letting you know that your record check is being mailed if it needs to be sent via Canada Post. 

Do All Skilled Worker Visa Applicants Require Criminal Record Checks?

Not all qualified foreign workers seeking sponsorship for a skilled worker visa must pass criminal record checks in order to be approved for employment.

It would take a lot longer to complete the sponsorship and recruitment procedure if all foreign workers required their sponsoring employers to undergo similar checks.

There are clear circumstances in which a job applicant must submit to a criminal record check. A position in the medical field or in education, for instance.

However, there are numerous positions where a criminal background check is necessary and it isn’t immediately apparent that the employee would be interacting with the old, the young, or the vulnerable.

The Home Office’s guidance outlines which profession codes for skilled foreign workers applying to work in the UK need running a criminal record check.

How Can You Obtain A Criminal Record Check From Abroad?

Sadly, there is no standard approach for an international criminal record check because it differs from country to country.

While some nations allow prospective employers to obtain criminal background checks (with the applicant’s cooperation), others refuse to do so or even demand that the visa applicant submit an application in person rather than by email.

The fact that there is no standard timeframe for the return of criminal record checks and that it varies from nation to country is equally frustrating.

If you or the chosen candidate is seeking the criminal record check, the Home Office or pertinent embassy is frequently able to provide current information so you are aware of the expected turnaround time.

However, keep in mind that a job applicant who has traveled extensively might require many appropriate authorities to conduct a criminal record check.