Here’s How To Pack For London In December!

Is December a suitable month to travel to London?

How cold is it?

Are there any enjoyable activities available, or are people just celebrating the holidays?

Although December in London is undoubtedly colder and rainier than other months, there are still plenty of things to do and you may participate in the holiday festivities if you so desire. 

The only thing left to do is dress warmly, make sure you have some protection from the weather and set out to explore the city before the New Year. 

Discover everything you need to know to prepare for your December vacation to London in this article.

General packing suggestions for London in winter

In general, London has a temperate oceanic climate, which means it has moderate winters and warm summers. 

Despite its reputation for being wet, it experiences less annual precipitation on average. It gains its reputation by spreading out that precipitation over a number of gloomy, rainy days at a time, particularly in the winter. 

In London, there are typically 11–15 wet days each month on average. We have mentioned a few packing suggestions that might help you in the future.

  1. Comfortable Clothes 

London’s winters may be chilly, but the buildings are well-heated. Expect to occasionally work up a sweat because it is a location that is also quite walkable. 

Pack water-resistant outer layers underneath lightweight clothing that may be layered for warmth. 

Make sure you carry a coat that can withstand occasionally getting a little wet as down can lose some of its effectiveness if it gets wet; wool is an excellent choice.

  1. Visas And Passports

Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months and has enough pages for all of your new passport stamps. 

Check to see if you need a visa to enter the UK; this will depend on the nation holding your passport.

  1. Security

Petty theft and pickpocketing are commonplace in heavily traveled locations like trains and buses. 

Limit the number of valuables you bring, lock up those you must carry, and avoid flashing them. 

Make sure your purse is always accessible and zipped up. Because they can’t be dragged off your shoulder as quickly, cross-body styles are preferred. 

  1. Etiquette

It is proper to stand on the right side of an escalator and to move along if you are on the left. 

This is especially true in subway stations, where escalators are common as harried Londoners rush to and from work.

In restaurants, tips are only requested if there isn’t a service charge included in the bill. 

You must adhere to the establishment’s dress code if you plan to take afternoon tea at a place like The Ritz. 

To make sure you have the appropriate clothing, it is a good idea to check this before you begin packing. 

Packing Clothes For London In December 

Before planning your trip to London in December, make a packing list. There are several of your typical winter necessities needed here. But being aware of it is always beneficial.

The following are some of the most important things that you should always pack: 

  1. Woolen Clothes

Woolen clothes are sophisticated, stylish, and cozy. You can wear them with any accessible outerwear.

  1. Sweaters

A good, toasty sweater is usually appropriate for winter conditions. Another benefit of this wintertime classic is the variety it offers. Among the many choices, consider getting a turtleneck. 

Depending on the occasion, you can dress up or down in a turtleneck. So for a dinner date, wear it with a miniskirt and heels. Alternately, dress for a street stroll in jeans or pants.

  1. Warm Coats

The list of winter clothing you should bring to London should include a winter coat. It’s one of the simple ways to appear put together while staying warm.

Almost any sort of winter clothing can be paired with a coat. Wearing your coat with a sweater is one way to do it. 

  1. Gloves

Your hands also require heat, just like the rest of your body does. Without thick gloves, a winter vacation wardrobe in London would be lacking. 

Gloves can also give your look a fun touch if you combine the proper colors together.

  1. Waterproof Jacket

Most winter ensembles must include jackets. The warmth and comfort offered by the greatest winter coats are well known.

The easiest approach to avoid getting soaked is to wear a good, waterproof, water-resistant jacket. 

  1. Winter Boots

The requirement for warmth in your feet is equal to that in your body. Neutral-colored boots, including those in shades of black and brown, go with most of your outfits. 

  1. Warm Hats

London’s weather in December can be quite windy in London. So, remember to take some woolen hats or beanies to keep your head and hair protected.

  1. Jeans

As a fashion essential, jeans have always been around. One of the easiest things to wear and pull off is this. 

It is incredibly useful, stylish, and comfy. You almost never fail with this timeless item.