Here’s How To Pack For London In March

It can be difficult to pack for any trip, but preparing for the UK is the most difficult of them all.

The best approach to take in the metropolis of London is to prepare ahead of time with an extensive packing list.

Even while London welcomes tourists all year round, the weather there is notoriously fickle. Inadequate packing could spell the difference between a fantastic trip and a fantastic disaster.

You must consider the kind of vacation you want to take, the season of your trip, and the London activities you want to participate in when packing for London.

We have highlighted some of the most important things to bring in this thorough packing list for London. Let’s prepare you for your holiday!

What Do People Wear In March In London?

People in London like to wear layers in March as the weather can get quite chilly.

Locals frequently wear full-length puffy winter coats, sweaters, long pants, hats, mittens, and scarves in the spring because of the changing weather. 

People are undoubtedly still donning long johns and long-sleeve shirts in the months of March and April. While Londoners may start donning skirts or T-shirts in May, as spring comes to an end.

What To Pack For London In March?

What to bring to London in March (or any spring month, for that matter) is listed below:

  • Sweaters

What you wear underneath your winter clothing should also keep you warm. Pack layers if you’re going to London in March.

In addition to keeping you warm, sweaters and turtlenecks (from Amazon, Zara, or secondhand from Goodwill) will go with the local Londoner look. 

While in London, we really prefer wearing basic turtlenecks with this grey sweater vest.

  • Coat

We fully comprehend your decision to forgo packing a warm coat to avoid appearing like a chilly tourist. 

It occupies far too much room in a suitcase. Since the temperature is predicted to be 50 degrees, you assume you won’t need it.

But rely on us on this one. You will need a coat. You won’t stand out because the locals will all be donning full-length, bulky winter coats. 

You can style a long coat with jeans and ankle boots. You will definitely look good in it.

  • Mittens Or Gloves

Gloves are quite important when attempting to stay warm. This is especially true when you’re trying to take a trip photo and opening your pockets to expose your hands to the weather. 

So, make sure you pack these touch-screen photography gloves the next time you are selecting what to wear in London in March.

  • Scarf

Similarly, if you’re visiting London in March, you should bring a warm scarf.

If you forget to carry one, you can discover a 15-pound cashmere scarf at a neighborhood souvenir shop in London. 

Even though it is most likely a poorly produced cashmere scarf, it will still do the trick. 

In the later spring, you might be able to avoid wearing a scarf (or hat, or gloves), but in March, it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s really important to keep yourself warm to enjoy your trip. 

  • Comfortable Walking Shoes And Socks

Additionally, you must wear comfortable walking shoes in London because you will probably be walking more than 10 kilometers every day.

You should also pack socks if you choose to wear boots or tennis shoes, both of which are excellent choices.

We advise packing a few pairs of socks even if you intend to spend the entirety of your spring break wearing sandals. 

Slate or tile flooring is typically found in European hotels and homes, which might be chilly to walk on bare feet.

  • Blouses And Shirts With Long Sleeves

You might be able to get by in lightweight long-sleeve shirts and blouses at the end of March.

A simple white button-up will always look well in London, but a square-neck blouse can give your look a bit more life.

  • Pants

It is better to bring long pants, jeans, or leather pants. You can easily style these with any kind of top.

You can also pack tan trousers as they go well with any outfit. Moreover, they also free up a ton of space in the baggage. 

You can purchase high-quality affordable jeans from Amazon or Zara. We advise going through them before your trip.

  • Long Dresses

Keep your short summer dresses at home, but we’d suggest taking one or two maxi dresses just in case it’s bright and pleasant out. 

If the weather doesn’t warm up, you can pack tights for added warmth. All of London’s floral arrangements create fantastic photo opportunities for maxi dresses.

  • Accessories 

Lastly, don’t forget to pack your accessories, including makeup, toiletries, tech, first-aid kit, hair care products, and jewellery.