Is Cricklewood Safe?(Plus FAQS)

Located in the Northwest of London, Cricklewood has seen significant renovation in recent years and has gotten much better. Cricklewood is home to numerous eateries, cafes, shopping centers, stores, and great homes.

It is actually a commercial hub. The quiet and peaceful streets are home to some lovely examples of restored late Victorian-style homes and spacious apartments. The hotels, schools, transportation, and everything in this area is top-notch.

Everyone can find something to like in Cricklewood. The beautiful and spacious Victorian homes in Cricklewood are safe and perfect for families or young professionals. These houses can be expensive but they are perfect for everyone.

Moreover, the area is renowned for its sense of community, and because of the dedication of its residents, it now boasts a protected green area in addition to various other projects that benefit the local population. Throughout the year, many outdoor activities, events, and festivals take place that both locals and tourists enjoy. The environment is enjoyable and people are friendly with each other.

In terms of safety, Cricklewood is definitely a safe neighborhood, and some parts of it are affluent while others aren’t. All parts of this neighborhood are secure for people of all ages. Even at night, the area is secure and one can easily walk alone.

Is Cricklewood a Good Area To Live In?

Cricklewood is one of the most sought-after areas of London. It features excellent local amenities, great transportation options, Victorian-style homes, high-class educational institutes, and great festivals throughout the year for both locals and tourists.

If you are looking to relocate to one of the nicest areas in London, it’s safe to say that Cricklewood is the one. Significant regeneration is already taking place in the area, which has increased its appeal to many purchasers. Some parts of this area are affluent where houses can be expensive, but since people there earn well, affording such a lifestyle is no problem.

House prices in Cricklewood are continuously rising as a result of the investment that has been taking place frequently now. When compared to other areas of London, Cricklewood provides spacious, beautiful, and much more affordable homes, even though it is considered an affluent area. Additionally, there are new apartment projects that offer a variety of options for expanding families.

The beauty of Cricklewood is not hidden from anyone as there are numerous large green open areas that not only locals but tourists also thoroughly enjoy. These areas are fully crowded on the weekend as people in this area are lively and love to spend time outside their homes.  

The infrastructure, recreational options, and retail have all improved significantly as a result of investment in this area. There are numerous stores in every part of Cricklewood for people to purchase goods easily.

In terms of transportation options, there are numerous tube trains in this area that connect it to every part of London, making it easy for everyone to travel wherever they want and whenever they want.

The educational institutes in this area provide an excellent education. The primary schools are great and have been receiving top ratings for many years. Other than schools, many great colleges are also present that have been rated as excellent educational institutes. You will only encounter highly qualified teachers there. 

As mentioned above, people in Cricklewood love spending their time outside and are quite lively, hence there are many places to choose from for a night out. Numerous eateries, pubs, and bars are present in every part of this area. You will come across all kinds of cuisines, from Asian to Chinese, Thai, and Italian.

It is, no doubt, a great place to live and raise families. People prefer living in this area for the above-mentioned reasons, and also because limitless options for shopping and entertainment are available.

Lastly, Cricklewood is unquestionably a safe neighborhood for people of all ages. It is even safe at night and one can easily walk alone.

Is Cricklewood Expensive?

Cricklewood has improved greatly in recent years thanks to extensive renovations. There are several restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, boutiques, and beautiful homes in this area. It is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in London.

 It offers amazing local amenities, excellent transportation options, Victorian-style residences, elite educational facilities, and fantastic festivals all year long for both residents and tourists.

There are expensive areas in this region where housing costs can be high, but since the locals have good incomes, they can easily afford such a wealthy lifestyle. This is true for some parts of Cricklewood.

Many reports say that houses in this area are less costly than houses in other parts of London. But due to recent investments and renovations, home prices are growing day by day. Even though Cricklewood is regarded as a wealthy neighborhood, it offers homes that are roomy, gorgeous, and significantly more inexpensive when compared to other parts of London. Additionally, there are new apartment projects that offer a variety of options for expanding families.

The area is known for its sense of community, and because of the hard work of its citizens, it now has a protected green area as well as numerous other projects that help the local population. Both locals and tourists love to participate in a variety of outdoor activities, events, and festivals held throughout the year. Moreover, the atmosphere is enjoyable, and people get along well with one another.

It is a safe and beautiful area, but you are advised to be careful at all times and always be aware of your surroundings.

To conclude, it’s safe to say that Cricklewood is the best place to move if you want to live in one of London’s loveliest neighborhoods. Without a question, it’s a fantastic area to live and raise a family.

It is a busy commercial area. Some excellent examples of renovated late Victorian-style homes and large apartments may be found on the tranquil streets. Everything in this area, such as hotels, schools, and transportation, is top-notch. Lastly, the area is safe for everyone where citizens are extremely friendly and helpful.