Is Dalston, London Safe? (Plus FAQs)

Dalston is a district in East London that is part of the Hackney borough of London. It is located 4 miles north of Charing Cross.

Dalston is reported to be the second most dangerous location to reside in Hackney, with 2,286 offenses. The number of theft and handling crimes reported by police this year was staggering: 1,068. There were 657 cases of violent crimes and 162 burglaries.

Even though London is a safe city, Dalston isn’t the finest neighborhood. You should be careful of your surroundings at night and try to keep safety gadgets with you if you are living there.

You’ll be fine if you show some mindfulness. What you don’t want to do is walk around aimlessly while listening to music on your iPhone at night.

Robbers target persons who don’t appear to be paying attention. They also target folks who don’t appear to be confident, so act as if you control the place.

What Is Dalston Like To Live In?

Living in Dalston offers a little bit of everything, from late-night parties to superb comprehensive schools. Dalston, one of London’s coolest neighborhoods, is home to the young and the young at heart.

Dalston is the go-to neighborhood for young partygoers and families, as it is more residential than Shoreditch and better for nightlife than Islington. It’s quite a mash-up.

Dalston is a mix of old and contemporary, with vibrant settings along Kingsland Road and an abundance of tree-lined residential streets off the main highway.

The northeast London postcode is in high demand, with a plethora of innovation, boutique boutiques, and cutting-edge restaurants.

Prices in the region are generally lower than in other districts of London, though they are rising as a result of the influx of hip kids vying for apartments.

The size and scale of the properties vary, but you’re more likely to receive an apartment in a high-rise structure than a terraced house.

It is well connected to the rest of the city, and the tube stations are full on weekends with people heading out for the night.

What Kind Of Area Is Dalston?

Dalston is one of London’s coolest neighborhoods. Restaurants, nightclubs, vintage shops, cafes, and other hangouts for students, creatives, and young professionals abound in the region.

Dalston is known for its nightlife, music, and events. Dalston Music Festival, the city’s largest festival to date, debuted in 2015.

Dalston is one of North East London’s gems. The region is a sanctuary for students and arty sorts, and it also has some fantastic properties.

The town center has a distinct cultural character centered on creative and non-profit businesses and organizations.

Dalston’s distinct personality is defined by a distinctive blend of high-quality architecture and constructed heritage, a diverse retail offering that includes Kingsland High Street and Ridley Road Market, and a vibrant night-time economy centered on Gillett Square and Kingsland High Street.

Dalston is a style mecca on the weekends, with a diverse and well-known nightlife. Unlike many other parts of the capital, there are a variety of options to pick from, rather than just bars and clubs, though there are plenty of those as well!

Despite the fact that the area’s recent gentrification has resulted in an increase in property prices, there is still some exceptional bargain to be found in Dalston.

The region is dominated by classic 18th and 19th-century terraces, and many huge Victorian and Georgian buildings have been converted into flats – ideal for the city’s media types and young professionals.

Dalston is unquestionably popular among London’s upper crust, but with the upgrading of local schools, many young families are flocking to the area. Dalston appears to be an intriguing proposition for those wishing to relocate to East London.

How Dangerous Is Hackney?

Hackney is one of London’s top five most hazardous boroughs. In 2021, Hackney’s overall crime rate was 105 offenses per 1,000 residents. This is significantly higher than London’s general crime rate, which is 18% higher than the London figure of 87 per 1,000 people.

Hackney is one of the top 20 most hazardous cities in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and the 476th most dangerous location of all towns, cities, and villages.

Hackney had 88 robbery reports in February 2021, making its crime rate of 0.31 the worst in London for that month.

Hackney has the highest crime rate in London for bicycle theft. Hackney residents had a difficult month in July 2021, when it was London’s most dangerous district for burglary, with 235 offenses recorded at a rate of 0.84 per 1,000 residents.

The most common crimes in Hackney are violence and sexual offenses, with 8,506 offenses in 2021, giving a crime rate of 30. This is 3.3% higher than 2020’s figure of 8,223 offenses and a difference of 1.01 from 2020’s crime rate of 29.

Hackney’s least common crimes are possession of weapons, with 220 offenses recorded in 2021, a decrease of 21% from 2020’s figure of 266 crimes.