Owl Sanctuaries In London Guide!

In London, owls have long been a common sight, but few people ever hear them or even see them. They have benefited from the better upkeep of many parks in London as well as the maturation of the urban forest of garden trees and railway forests.

The Greater London region has eight species of owls that appear to be in the wild. Only one of these species is widely spread throughout the region, the Tawny Owl.

Little Owls are confined breeding inhabitants, primarily in rural outlying areas, however, a few couples can be found nearer the city.

If owls pique your curiosity and you’re looking for owl sanctuaries in London, you’ve come to the perfect guide. Continue reading to get answers to all of your queries!

Where Can I See Owls In London?

There are only a handful of great owl sanctuaries in London, but we managed to find all of them for you. The owl sanctuaries in London are mentioned below:

1. Osterley Park

You can encounter barn owls and possibly tiny owls at Osterley Park in Greater London.

Barn owls, tawny owls, and tiny owls are three of the owl species that can be seen at Osterley Park.

Contact info:

Tel: 02082325050

Email: osterley@nationaltrust.org.uk

Address: Jersey Road, Isleworth, Middlesex, London, TW7 4RB.

2. Birds of Prey

One of the largest collections of birds of prey in the UK is housed here, and they are proud of it.

You can view several species of owls here. Many of the birds can be seen in action during our flying shows at 11.30 and 2.30 during your stay.

In addition to providing entertaining family entertainment, their events aim to inform audience members about the value of conservation.

Contact info:

Tel: 01234 742362

Email: falconry.centre@btconnect.com

Address: Herrings Green Activity Farm & Birds of Prey Centre, Herrings Green Farm, Cotton End Road, Wilstead, Bedfordshire, MK45 3DT.

3. The Tarn Bird Sanctuary

Southeast London’s Tarn Bird Sanctuary is a fairly cool park with lots of water critters and most importantly, various species of owls.

The garden exhibits good maintenance. There is a walking park with green chains. You can find an interesting ice well at the park’s far end.

Contact info:

Tel: 020 8856 0100

Email: info@thetarn.org

Address: 133 Court Road, London, SE9 5AQ.

4. Epping Forest Hawk n Owl Sanctuary.

This hawk and owl sanctuary is a recognized center for animal rehabilitation. For those who enjoy and admire birds of prey but are unable to retain one of their own, it provides a special service.

Bodicea and Monty, two Bengal owls, Radar the great grey owl, Cherokee the ferruginous hawk, and Bomber Harris’ a hawk are among the several birds and prey kept at the center.

Contact info:

Tel: 01277 899925

Address: 4 Pennyfeathers, Moreton Rd, Fyfield, CM5 OHU.

5. Hobbledown Heath

The brand-new, fascinating adventure park, Hobbledown Heath is now cooperating with Coda Falconry.

As a member of the animal team, their stunning birds of prey are housed at Hobbledown Heath, where you can see them in action every day during their open-air flight demonstrations.

Barn owls, snowy owl, tawny owl, great grey owl, Sunda scops owl, and burrowing owl are among the owl species they have.

Contact info:

Tel: 07710 969930

Email: info@codafalconry.co.uk

Address: Hobbledown Heath, Staines Rd, London TW14 0HH, United Kingdom

Can I Pet An Owl In The UK?

In the UK, keeping wild owls as pets is allowed. People can own various owls in the UK.

However, you must be able to demonstrate your legal ownership of the owl. Save a record of who took the bird, where it was located, and when it was taken.

If you purchased the bird, keep the receipt as proof that you purchased it legally.

As a wildlife species, owls require special training before you can obtain a permit to keep one in captivity. Your ability to lawfully retain an owl depends on your training and license.

Where Can I See A Barn Owl In The UK?

A barn owl is a unique kind of bird. They are known for hunting quietly, swooping down on their prey without warning thanks to a soft fringe on the exterior of their flight feathers that muffles the sound of their flight.

In the UK, barn owls can be spotted in a variety of Wildlife Trust nature reserves, including:

  • Avon, Folly Farm
  • Dorset, Lorton Meadows
  • Cambridgeshire, The Great Fen, Grafham Water, and The Ouse Washes
  • Lancashire, Lunt Meadows
  • Essex, Blue House Farm
  • London, Frays Farm Meadows
  • Lincolnshire, Willow Tree Fen, Gibraltar Point, and Vine House Farm
  • Somerset, Westhay Moor
  • Norfolk, Hickling Broad
  • Wiltshire, Blakehill Farm
  • Suffolk, Hen Reedbeds and Snape Marshes

When Can You See Owls In The Uk?

Owls hunt through the night and at dawn and dusk, so it is the best time to see the owls. Keep an eye out for the owls because they can be roosting in a tree during the day.

Little owls are active during the day and are frequently spotted on barn roofs or stone walls. Keep an eye out for movement in unexpected places even if you might not initially notice them.

Winter is an excellent time to look in the UK if you’ve never seen a barn owl because they frequently hunt later into the day to find the extra food they need to survive the colder months.