Top 14 Asian Barbers In London

Unfortunately, there isn’t much knowledge regarding south Asian hair in the UK. Most barbers use Caucasian hair products because they mistakenly believe that South Asian hair is comparable to Caucasian hair.

Caucasian hair is typically thin and fine, however, South Asian hair does not simply combine the textures of Caucasian and Black hair or lie somewhere in the middle. It has its own sub-varieties and is totally distinct.

Indians, for instance, tend to have thick, coarse, and wavy hair in general, whereas North Indians normally have thick and straight hair.

Going to a regular barber in London with thick south Asian hair is not a smart idea because they are not trained to cut such thick hair.

But hold onto hope! There are several South Asian barbers in London that are excellent at handling stunning thick South Asian hair.

Additionally, the prices charged by these barbers for a haircut are relatively affordable. Therefore, you don’t have to be concerned about getting your pocket empty.

If you are a South Asian living in London and looking for South Asian barbers to take extra good care of your unique hair then we have got you covered. Check the list below!

List of South Asian barbers in London:

  • Nyumba for Men, Westminster
  • Khan Hairdresser, East Ham
  • Karishma Hairdressers, Manor Park
  • Ali’s Barber Shop
  • Sajid Salon, East Ham
  • Naths Unisex Hair Salon
  • Raja Hairdresser London
  • Rooni’s Hair Studio
  • Zan’s Hairdressers
  • Sureya’s Hair Salon, East Ham
  • Sheen Hair Salon, East Ham
  • Hairdo Zone
  • Simona Hair Salon, Stratford
  • Rehan Barber Shop

1. Nyumba for Men, Westminster

Nyumba for Men is owned by South Asian barbers, located in Westminster, London.

They specialize in dry cuts, tailored beard trims, and professional shaving.

Contact info:

Tel: 07894701979

Address: 6-7 Mount Street, London SW1P 3JX, United Kingdom.

2. Khan Hairdresser, East Ham

Khan Hairdresser is a Pakistani hairstylist with expertise in a variety of services, including deep conditioning treatments, coloring, and styling.

They have welcoming staff and offer the best haircuts and beard trims for men and children.

Contact info:

Address: 449C High Street North, East Ham, London E12 6TJ, United Kingdom.

3. Karishma Hairdressers, Manor Park

Karishma Hairdressers are Indian hairdressers who offer a variety of hair services to both men and women.

They specialize in hair cutting, coloring, straightening, perming, and bridal hairstyles.

Contact info:

Tel: 02085533335

Address: 795 Romford Road, London E12 5AN, England, United Kingdom.

4. Ali’s Barber Shop

Ali’s Barber Shop is one of the oldest South Asian barber shops in London.

They are best known for haircuts, and they deal perfectly with South Asian hair.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 7931 654918


Address: 258 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 0AA, United Kingdom.

5. Sajid Salon, East Ham

Sajid Salon is the best Pakistani unisex hair salon in London.

It provides services for men, women, and kids, including the newest hairstyles, beard trimming, shaving, hair cutting, coloring, and perming.

Contact info:

Address: 319B High Street North, East Ham, London, E12 6PQ

6. Nath’s Hair Salon

Naths Hair Salon is an Indian hair salon located in Stratford. It is the best hair salon that provides high-quality hair services at reasonable costs.

It offers hair services for men, women, and kids, including haircuts, new hair styling, hair treatment for dandruff and itchy scalp, beard trimming, shaving, and hair updos for all occasions.

Contact info:

Tel: 02085552191

Address: Location 319 Romford Road, Stratford, Newham, London, E7 9HA, United Kingdom.

7. Raja Hairdresser London

Raja Hairdresser is an Indian-owned hair salon located in East Ham, London.

They have welcoming staff and offer high-quality hair services at reasonable rates.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 7930 092925

Address: 228A High St N, East Ham, London E12 6SB, United Kingdom.

8. Rooni’s Hair Studio

Rooni’s Hair Studio has Indian hairdressers and hair stylists and provides affordable hair services.

They offer a variety of hair services for men, women, and children.

Contact info:

Tel: 07983003999

Address: 73 Vicarage Lane, Stratford, Newham, East London, E15 4HG, England, United Kingdom.

9. Zan’s Hairdressers

Zan’s Hairdressers is run by a Pakistani hairdresser that is located in Forest Gate, London.

They have expertise in a variety of hair services, including hair cutting, shampooing, hair styling, hair perming, streaking, and coloring.

Contact info:

Tel: 02085198601

Address: 104-106 Woodgrange Road, Forest Gate, London, E7 0EW, United Kingdom.

10. Sureya’s Hair Salon, East Ham

Sureya’s Hair Salon is an Indian unisex hair salon that is located in East Ham, London.

They provide excellent hair services at affordable rates and have a welcoming staff.

You will have to schedule an appointment before visiting as the salon is quite busy.

Contact info:

Tel: 02085532627

Address: 742 Romford Road, East Ham, London, E12 6BT, United Kingdom.

11. Sheen Hair Salon, East Ham

Sheen Hair Salon has South Asian hairdressers that deal with men, women, and kids.

They specialize in hair cutting, hair styling, hair highlights, hair coloring, and hair straightening.

They have a friendly staff and provide high-quality hair services at cheap costs.

Contact info:

Tel: 02085481800

Address: Myrtle Road, East Ham, London, E6 1HU, United Kingdom.

12. Hairdo Zone

Hairdo Zone deals with South Asian and African hair and offers high-quality hair services at cheap rates.

They are unisex hairdressers who offer services for head henna, permanent hair coloring, hair cutting, beard trimming, shaving, and hair highlighting.

Contact info:

Tel: 02085534070

Address: 770 Romford Road, Forest Gate, London, E12 6BU, United Kingdom.

13. Simona Hair Salon, Stratford

Simona Hair Salon is an Indian hair salon, located near Maryland Station.

They are specialized in trendy hair styles, haircuts, hair coloring and bleaching, color correction, and straightening. They also provide a variety of wedding and special occasion bridal hair styles for women.

Contact info:

Tel: 07759820672

Address: 153 Leytonstone Road, Stratford, East London, E15 1LH, United Kingdom.

14. Rehan Barber Shop

Rehan Barber Shop has excellent South Asian barbers in East London.

There are 5 to 6 barbers so you won’t have to wait for too long.

The staff is very professional and the place is clean. Also, the prices of the services are very affordable.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 7404 298032

Address: 261 E India Dock Rd, London E14 0EG, United Kingdom.