St Katharine’s Dock Restaurants: A Guide to the Best Dining Options

St Katharine’s Dock has become one of London’s most popular culinary destinations, boasting a plethora of restaurants situated around the marina. Since undergoing a massive regeneration project in 2014, the area has transformed into a vibrant corner of London, offering top-quality restaurants with stunning views of the River Thames.

Located just a short walk from Tower Bridge and The Tower of London, St Katharine’s Dock provides a unique and relaxing atmosphere for dining and drinking. In this article, we will explore some of the best restaurants in the area and provide practical tips for exploring the culinary delights of St Katharine’s Dock.

Key Takeaways

  • St Katharine’s Dock is a culinary hotspot in London, with dozens of top-quality restaurants located around the marina.
  • The area underwent a massive regeneration project in 2014, transforming it into a vibrant corner of London.
  • Visitors to St Katharine’s Dock can enjoy a unique and relaxing atmosphere for dining and drinking, with stunning views of the River Thames.

Best Restaurants in St Katharine’s Dock

Bravas Tapas

Bravas Tapas is a Spanish tapas restaurant that offers classic tapas dishes inspired by the Basque Region. The restaurant boasts a warm and lively atmosphere and is known for its stellar selection of Spanish wines and cocktails. The menu includes dishes like patatas bravas, croquetas, short ribs, Iberico pork cheek, and seafood options like octopus carpaccio. The restaurant also has a terrace where guests can enjoy a glass of cava on a warm day.


Kilikya’s is a modern Turkish restaurant located in the middle of the dock. The restaurant offers an extensive menu that covers authentic Turkish cuisine, with small plates, big plates, wraps, burgers, pasta, seafood, and more. The grilled meze platters and Turkish tapas options are great for sharing with friends or family at lunch or brunch. The restaurant has a beautiful interior, decked out in traditional Turkish tiles and lanterns, and offers beautiful views of the dock.

The Dickens Inn

The Dickens Inn is a historic pub and restaurant located in a stunning 18th-century warehouse. The venue is very large with several balconies, superb views of the Thames and Tower Bridge, a sizable bar area for socializing, and plenty of room to meet, eat, and drink. The bar area has an excellent pub food menu with burgers, sandwiches, classics like fish and chips, and pizza, including the colossal Beast Pizza that measures a whopping 23” x 15”. The second menu is a little more restaurant-y, with starters, mains, and desserts, though it’s still very laid back. Guests can choose from salads, steaks, curry dishes, and upmarket pub classics.

The Melusine

The Melusine is one of London’s most adventurous seafood restaurants and is known for its quality fish dishes. The restaurant is located in St Katharines Dock and has an in-character dockside setting. The menu is inspired by Greek and Mediterranean cuisine and includes sublimely well-presented fish and shellfish dishes ranging from pollock and plaice to eel, scallops, and monkfish. The restaurant also offers desserts like blue cheese ice cream with olive oil.

Côte St Katharine Docks

Côte St Katharine Docks is a modern French chain restaurant located on the west side of the dock. The restaurant has a warm, welcoming, and laid-back atmosphere with plenty of seating for families, couples, and groups. The al fresco dining area has wonderful views across the marina, perfect for summer evenings. The modern French menu is stacked with succulent meaty dishes, pork, and fish. Guests can choose from salads, steaks, curry dishes, and upmarket pub classics. The restaurant also offers a set menu, with two courses for £16.95 or three courses for £20.95, and features a range of dishes from the à la carte menu.

Natural Kitchen

Natural Kitchen is a small chain that aims to serve some of the healthiest, freshest meals you can find in a conventional restaurant setting. The restaurant is located on the north side of the dock and offers an extensive menu covering breakfast, brunch, and larger meals for lunch and dinner. Guests can choose from a sublime selection of meat, veggie, and vegan dishes. The restaurant also offers a takeaway deli menu that is great for grabbing a fresh bite to eat and going about your day. Natural Kitchen is a flavour-packed restaurant with happy hours, monthly specials, and free reusable coffee cups in 2023 while stocks last.

Honest Burgers St Katharine Docks

Honest Burgers is a London staple that offers a menu featuring burgers galore. The restaurant offers two vegan patties with Beyond Meat and various fillings and a veggie patty with veg and cheese. The meat options are glorious, and there’s always a monthly special to indulge in. Burgers come with rosemary chips, seasoned coleslaw, dressed green salads, and a selection of homemade sauces, including chipotle mayo and various hot sauces. Other sides include buffalo wings, onion rings, and many other tasty snacks.

Ping Pong St Katharine Docks

Ping Pong is a trendy Chinese restaurant that offers stacks of dim sum, noodles, rice, baos, and soups. The restaurant is known for its delicious hot steamed buns filled with a huge range of mouth-watering fillings, perfect for any time of day. Every day from 3 pm till 6 is Ping Pong’s happy hour, Don’t Give a Shiitake, where guests can indulge in half-price drinks and over thirty items on their menu. On Lazy Sumday, guests can dig into all-you-can-eat dim sum and dumplings. Ping Pong is a simple, laid-back Chinese restaurant with

Other Places to Eat in St Katharine’s Dock

White Mulberries

White Mulberries is a charming café and deli located in the middle of St Katharine’s Dock. It offers a variety of coffees, drinks, and fresh homemade food made with locally-sourced ingredients. This café is an ideal location to stop for lighter bites, drinks, and chilling. Customers can indulge in cakes, brownies, cookies, and other treats from the counter. The banana bread is highly recommended and is considered some of the best in London. The café has a super-casual and relaxed atmosphere with tons of fresh drinks, brunches, lunches, and treats for anytime of day.

Azimut Café Italian

Azimut Café Italian is a new Italian restaurant located on the southwest wing of St Katharine’s Dock. Founded by luxury yacht builders Azimut Yachts UK, this café has only been in the dock for a matter of months but has already received promising early reviews. It is well worth a little scout out if you’re looking for classy Italian cuisine. The café offers a range of Italian dishes that are sure to impress. The location of the café is exquisite and offers an excellent view of the dock.

Practical Tips for Exploring The Best St Katharine’s Dock Restaurants

St. Katharine’s Dock is home to several seafood restaurants that offer stunning views of the Thames. One of the best seafood restaurants in the area is The Melusine. Tower Hill station is conveniently located a few minutes away, making it easy to access the dock and its restaurants.