Themed Bars in London: Where to Find Them and What to Expect

London is known for its diverse range of bars, but for those seeking a unique experience, themed bars are the way to go. These bars go beyond just serving drinks and instead offer a night of immersive entertainment and creative set design.

To help fellow themed-bar enthusiasts, a guide of the best themed bars in London has been put together. From exploring an Indian smuggler’s den to traveling through 40’s-era London on a tube, there is something for everyone to enjoy. So grab a drink and get ready for a night of unforgettable cocktails and theatrical experiences.

Key Takeaways

  • London offers a variety of quirky themed bars for those seeking a unique night out.
  • Themed bars provide an immersive experience with creative set design and entertainment.
  • The guide to the best themed bars in London includes options such as exploring an Indian smuggler’s den and traveling through 40’s-era London on a tube.

The Best Themed Bars in London

Bandra Bhai

Bandra Bhai, located in Fitzrovia, is one of the most unique and best-themed bars in London. The bar takes on the theme of a retro Indian smugglers den, complete with plush furniture and a delightfully dark and moody atmosphere. The bar serves up a killer menu of cocktails that take twists of classics and give them a fun spin with Indian ingredients and flavors taking the fore. Although there is no genuinely smuggled booze here, the bar is a must-visit for those who want to experience a unique and exotic atmosphere.

Mr. Fogg’s

Mr. Fogg’s is a collection of great bars throughout the city that play on the theme of Phileas Fogg, the protagonist of “Around the World in 80 Days”, an adventurer, and a collector of curiosities to boot. The bars are decorated with hunting trophies, cabinets contain treasures from far off lands, and the whole place is decked out to look just as you’d imagine a 17th-century explorer’s to look. The drinks served at Mr. Fogg’s are some of the best in town, making it a popular destination for cocktail enthusiasts.

Control Room B

Control Room B is one of the most popular themed bars in London, located in Battersea. The bar takes inspiration from its surroundings, the power station, and is decorated with the same control panels that were once used to operate one of the old turbine halls. The stylish booth seating and a centrepiece wrap-around bar make it a great place to enjoy a drink.

Cirque le Soir

Cirque le Soir is the best circus-themed bar London has to offer. The bar lays on wild themed nights that attract some of London’s most interesting and out-there characters. The bar does some mean drinks and really packs a punch with the performances, enough of one to have won them the London Club and Bar awards three years in a row and to make them a popular hangout of the world’s A-list celebs. However, they run a strict door policy, and anyone who isn’t glammed up to the nines will be turned away.

Four Quarters

Four Quarters is one of the best unique bars London has hidden away, with multiple locations. The bar has taken a bunch of old school arcade games, filled a room with them, and opened a bar right there that serves up a menu of video game themed drinks. All the old classic arcade hits are there, and they also take pride in having a stellar menu of craft beer.

Iceberg Lounge

The Iceberg Lounge is one of the coolest themed cocktail bars London has to offer, built around the Batman theme. The bar is located in the Park Row restaurant that extends the Batman theme to the dinner table. Both spaces are decked out in full Gotham City swank, so you can feel like Bruce Wayne as you sip down cocktails named things like The Dark Knight or Put on the Cape. However, the staff will turn away imitations, so don’t turn up in costume.

The Cauldron

The Cauldron, located in Dalston, is easily one of the best fun bars in London. The bar’s theme is magic, and the clever folk that coined the idea have figured out how they can use a bit of cocktail theatre (and a touch of sciencey wonder) to curate a very unique themed bar. Harry Potter fans will absolutely love this place, as it’s about as close as muggles can get to the real Hogwarts deal. You’ll be donning capes and mixing various ingredients together to create drinks that you literally can’t have anywhere else.

Evans & Peel Detective Agency

Evans & Peel Detective Agency is a prohibition-era bar located in Kensington that takes the theme of a speakeasy. To get through the door of this London themed bar, visitors have to book an appointment with the detectives and might even be asked probing questions about their case by the man on the door. If you pass muster, you’ll be allowed in to find a prohibition-era bar replete with live jazz and swing music and a whole menu of bootlegged booze to work your way through. The atmosphere is truly electric, and the bar is known for mixing a mean drink.

The Top Themed Bars in London: Practical Tips

To fully enjoy the unique experience of London’s themed bars, it’s best to book ahead of time, especially for large groups. Some of these bars are incredibly popular and may not have space for walk-ins. One highly recommended bar is Mr. Foggs, which takes its drinks seriously despite the playful theme. The service is also top-notch. Keep in mind that some of these bars may be hidden behind secret doors or require a bit of hunting to locate. If you’re having trouble, don’t hesitate to call the bar for assistance.