7 Of The Biggest Arcades In London!

London is packed with interesting arcades that offer classic video game experiences.

Remember beating your Pac-Man high score and daring your pals to a round of air hockey on Saturday nights? Or, do you experience flashbacks to the Trocadero arcade in London?

You may simply like to engage in some 80s-style gaming. Retro is making a comeback, despite the fact that technology has taken over our lives and we have nearly forgotten our beloved Tamagotchis and bowling dates.

As the fast-paced lifestyle of London continues to be digitized, arcades are becoming scarcer. Nevertheless, the remaining ones have a unique allure that draws in residents from throughout the city.

Whether you’re a gamer searching for your fix or simply eager to try something different for a night out in London, these are the 7 biggest arcades to game like a local.

List of biggest arcades in London:

  • Heart Of Gaming
  • Las Vegas Soho
  • The Four Quarters
  • Gravity
  • Hyperreality
  • Queens Arcade London
  • DNA VR

1. Heart Of Gaming

Heart of Gaming is one of the largest arcades in London, with over 60 machines, 20+ consoles, and two pool tables. It is perfect for a family outing where everyone can find something they enjoy.

Their retro selections consist of N64, Mega drive, and SNES. The latest additions, such as the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, are also available to keep the children entertained.

In addition to its vast selection of games, Heart of Gaming’s location is great for exploring and finding London’s hidden treasures.

The high street in Croydon, South London, offers a variety of eateries and small businesses for sunbathing and shopping.

Location: 44-46 North End Road, Croydon, London

Website: https://www.heartofgaming.co.uk/

2. Las Vegas Soho

At this arcade, you can enjoy a dance revolution, test your endurance in combat or racing, or simply play air hockey or pool.

It is the only arcade in central London dedicated to the masses who will always be gamers at heart.

The attraction of this arcade, apart from its gaming machines and the vast array of available alternatives, is its stunning location.

You can even participate in one of their game night events involving street fighter brawls and race car driving if you are particularly determined.

The upper floor of the arcade is reserved for machines and casino-themed games with an age restriction of 18 or older.

What you will enjoy most about this arcade is that it maintains an authentic, old-school arcade ambiance with a classic, albeit somewhat small, environment.

Location: Basement, 89, 91 Wardour St, London W1F 0UB

Website: https://www.lasvegasarcadesoho.co.uk/

3. The Four Quarters

The Four Quarters offers a whole arcade in east London with a captivating canal-side setting looking south. It is the ideal location to enjoy your favorite games and have a wonderful time at the bar.

The arcade features a wide selection of restored classic arcade cabinets that transport you back to the “good old days.”

With consoles such as the Sega Dreamcast, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo 64, you may play your favorite games against your friends.

In addition to your favorite games, the greatest brewery at Four Quarters offers an incredible assortment of specialty cocktails and cooled beers.

Location: 187 Rye Ln, London SE15 4BN, United Kingdom

Website: https://fourquarters.bar/

4. Gravity

Ingenious and contemporary, the Gravity arcade combines 1980s pleasure with modern technology.

This exciting London arcade is located in Southside Wandsworth and provides the perfect adrenaline boost to keep you going.

E-karting, hologate, bowling, AR digital darts, street golf, E-Sports, shuffleboard, and an electric game box are among the gaming possibilities.

In addition, adults may enjoy the classic London nightlife at Newton’s cocktail bar and the Gravity Social club, where they can meet individuals with similar interests.

It is a terrific spot for go-karters, and the three-story, 100,000-square-foot entertainment arcade has immersive gaming stations.

While maintaining a modern atmosphere, the arcade maintains loyal to its heritage by offering retro systems and game characters to keep everyone satisfied.

Location: Wandsworth High St, London SW18 4TF

Website: https://www.gravity-uk.com/southside-wandsworth

5. Hyperreality

Hyper-Reality is the place to go for a genuinely immersive experience. This is actually a virtual reality bar in London, but I believe it should be included on this list.

This bar’s exclusive VR fighting experiences, rollercoasters, and even VR Go-karting make it ideal for a night out with friends or a team-building activity at work.

Those who enjoy these games will also experience true gaming luxury. When playing, you strive to challenge and elevate the human experience in order to have the most enjoyable time possible.

Location: 67 Mile End Rd, Bethnal Green, London E1 4TT, United Kingdom

Website: https://hyper-reality.io/

6. Queens Arcade London

Queens London is a one-stop destination for all forms of entertainment.

The fascinating entertainment complex in the heart of London features a specialized arcade zone, curling, a bowling alley, and an iconic ice rink.

The arcade zone displays all of your favorite games in a beautiful and artistic setting that represents their nostalgic significance.

The arcade features games such as Tetris, Street Fighter II, and Basketball Pac-Man version, as well as Donkey Kong, Crusin Blast Car Race, Typhoon Roller Coaster, and full-size Air Hockey. Numerous games allow two players to play together.

In addition, it offers some of the finest food, beverages, and picture booths to enhance your enjoyment.

Location: 17 Queensway, London W2 4QP

Website: https://queens.london/arcades


DNA VR is an ambitious attempt to modernize London’s arcades by providing the first VR arcade experience in the city.

From ascending to the heights of the moon to sinking into the depths of azure oceans, the DNA VR universe is bursting with potential.

Explore the limits of your imagination with their multiplayer games and adventures. In addition, they provide a VR escape room and laser tag for all ages.

Try out this one-of-a-kind arcade game to appreciate the technological advances of the modern world and expand your gaming horizons.

Location: Assembly 77, Fulham Palace Rd, London W6 8JA, United Kingdom

Website: https://www.dnavr.co.uk/games/