Top 7 Best Gyro Places In London

Gyros are known to have their roots in Greece. Greek food doesn’t hold back when it comes to flavor, for sure. Fortunately, there are several very fantastic places in London where you can eat all the Greek food, especially gyros if you are craving some.

In Greece, gyros are essentially wraps that are rolled in pita and filled with sizable pieces of grilled meat, onions, tomato, lettuce, fries, and other optional additions.

Gyros are typically cooked with pork, but they can also be made with lamb, beef, or chicken.

North London is considered a magnet for Greek restaurants. However, there is a new breed of eateries all around the city serving traditional gyros.  

Check our list of the best restaurants in London that offer superb gyros below.

List of best gyro places in London:

  • Great Grill House
  • The Athenian Souvlaki & Gyros
  • Holy Pitta
  • Yamas Greek Cuisine
  • Kouzina Express
  • Going Greek
  • Saucy Restaurant

Great Grill House

If you are visiting London, keep this restaurant on top of your list of Greek restaurants in London. Inside, the atmosphere might be laid-back and informal but all the focus here is on the cuisine, and what food it is.

The wonderful staff here places a significant focus on flavor and authenticity, and their gyros are no exception.

Everything else, including pita bread, feta cheese, extra virgin olive oil, and herbs, is imported directly from Greece, so you know it’s all top-notch. Fresh food is procured here from local vendors.

Kebabs, souvlaki, and spanakopita are also available, all of which are best enjoyed with a bottle of Mythos.

If you’re seeking a truly authentic experience, there are also regular Greek music evenings here with additional dancing.

You can also order takeaway from the Great Grill House. Fair rates for delicious food is this restaurant’s motto.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 2078374861


Address: 98 Farringdon Rd, London, England, United Kingdom.

The Athenian Souvlaki & Gyros

The Athenian street-food chain’s first official restaurant is a huge beast located in the creative district of White City Place.

If you are anywhere near this area, visit this place to sample Greek cuisine.

It offers a variety of Greek dishes in addition to its traditional souvlaki wraps with salad and homemade sauces and dips. But their gyros are on the next level.

Alongside its meaty siblings, vegan and gluten-free alternatives are offered at this eatery, which also offers brunch.

They also offer a wide range of regional Greek wines and specialty brews. There is a lot of praise for the muffins here.

This location’s inviting ambiance makes it possible for guests to unwind after a long day at work. The friendly employees at this establishment is a plus.

You ought to visit this restaurant if you want quick service. Prices are reasonable in the opinion of the visitors. You will the nice décor here.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 2035567931


Address: Unit 5, White City Place, 191 Wood Ln, London, England, United Kingdom.

Holy Pitta

Tourists who visit this restaurant to eat after arduous excursions will find Islington Green to be a fantastic attraction. All guests enjoy the Greek and Mediterranean cuisines on the menu.

Their yummiest Greek gyros in many options are popular orders. You can also get some wonderful wine from Holy Pitta.

Evenings feature live performances by musicians. Most visitors think the staff is helpful. People comment on how wonderful the service is at this location.

The food served here is reasonably priced. Clients perceive the ambiance as foreign.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 2073545135


Address: 73 Upper St, London, England, United Kingdom

Yamas Greek Cuisine

You can go to this eatery if you are close to the Jewish Museum. You can enjoy the diverse components of culinary traditions that are combined in Greek and Mediterranean food.

You will love the food there, especially the wonderfully grilled chicken gyros, souvlakia, and doner kebabs.

Here, you can get tasty orange pastries. Your meal will be improved with a delicious wine or craft beer, and you will undoubtedly return.

This location is well known for its excellent customer service and helpful personnel that are always willing to assist you. Customers can savor the welcoming ambiance and stunning decor at this location.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 2073875788


Address: 42 Camden High St, London, England, United Kingdom.

Kouzina Express

At Kouzina Express, Greek food is loved by everyone. Patrons may enjoy chicken gyros, delectable doner kebabs, and souvlakia.

Due to the option to order food for takeaway, this location is great for those who want to eat lunch on the go.

 It is reported that the staff is enthusiastic here. One excellent quality that greatly contributes to this establishment’s success is its quick service. You will find fair prices here. This quick food has a calm atmosphere.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 2088865200


Address: 9 Ashfield Parade, London, England, United Kingdom.

Going Greek

You can find Greek and Mediterranean food at this restaurant. Try the restaurant’s perfectly prepared chicken gyros, chicken skewers, and souvlakia.

Their tasty wine and excellent coffee will enhance the flavor of your meal and encourage you to return.

One great benefit of Going Greek is food delivery. Visitors are always warmly welcomed by friendly personnel. The friendly service at this establishment is noteworthy.

You’ll like affordable prices. Customers may unwind in this space because of the lovely décor and calm environment.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 2038977746


Address: 18 The Grn, London, England, United Kingdom.

Saucy Restaurant

Visitors enjoy eating at this restaurant because of the fantastic view of the Dairy Art Centre.

At this restaurant, indulge in superb Greek cuisine. Chicken gyros, Greek salads, and wraps with beautifully cooked chicken can all be ordered.

Customers at Saucy Restaurant have access to excellent wine and beer. You can also sample some excellent coffee.

Customers can unwind in this establishment’s cozy setting after a long day at work. Many reviews find the staff to be patient. One may describe the service at this establishment as nice. Prices are reasonable from the perspective of the customers.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 2078135308


Address: 59 Marchmont Street, London, England, United Kingdom, WC1N 1AP.