Here’s Where Aussies In London Live!

Aussies in London is a community that was founded in the early days of Facebook as a means of connecting.

The community has developed throughout time and continues to do so. According to reports, 41,000 Australians moved to London in 2017.

If you’re one of the 41,000 hoping to join London’s 8 million-strong population, you’re probably wondering which neighborhoods are popular for Aussie expats in London.

If so, keep reading because we’ve highlighted a number of the most popular London neighborhoods for Aussie expats in London below:

1. Clapham

One of South London’s most leafy and attractive neighborhoods has long been renowned as a favorite destination for Australians looking to make the move to the UK.

Walking around the lovely, tiny lanes of Clapham Common, it’s evident that the neighborhood has become the ‘go-to destination’ for Aussies to converge in London for a taste of life back home.

With a vibrant nightlife, high-street, and brunch culture, young Australians have flocked to the charming neighborhood that seems like a ‘home away from home.’

Clapham is a popular area that offers a “reminder of the suburbs back home” due to its superb transport connectivity to the center of London and active culture.

According to the most current census data from 2021, 2.1 percent of individuals in Clapham Common West identified as Australian, compared to 0.6 percent in neighboring Stockwell.

2. Balham

Balham has long been a favorite destination for Australian expats. It’s a label that the neighborhood has thoroughly embraced, with delightful tiny cafes like Brickwood Coffee & Bread.

Violet Crumbles and Caramello Koalas are two of the sweets that are uniquely Australian.

Aside from the desserts, Balham has always shown to be a very practical London neighborhood to live in.

Not only does it have a wide range of stores (from Waitrose to Aldi) to suit any budget, but it’s also a less expensive neighborhood to reside in than many other London areas.

A one-bedroom flat in Balham costs around £323 per week on average. Although you’ll save money on rent here, if you work in central London, you’ll need to factor in commuting costs because the location is 8.4 kilometers from Trafalgar Square.

3. Camden Town

Camden is one of the finest London neighborhoods to relocate to if you’re an Australian expat looking to immerse yourself in British culture. The region has long been regarded as one of the birthplaces of the Punk movement, and the world-famous Camden Market continues this trendsetting cultural history. It’ll be a fascinating place to settle down.

However, prepare to spend a high rent to live in Camden. A one-bedroom flat costs around £375 per week on average. Camden, on the other hand, has excellent transportation links and is only a few stations from the city center on the Northern Line.

4. Shepherd’s Bush 

While the number of Australians relocating to Shepherd’s Bush is decreasing, it remains a popular choice for newcomers.

It contains a massive Westfield shopping center, the bustling Shepherd’s Bush Market, decent bars and stores along Uxbridge Road, and Bush Hall for concerts.

It is also well connected, as it is close to the Circle, Hammersmith & City, District, and Piccadilly Tube lines. For those missing home, Antipode delivers great Antipodean coffee and breakfast.

5. Fulham

Fulham has a direct route into the city via the western end of the District Line. It has a decent population of Aussies.

Shot Espresso, a cafe in Fulham, advertises that it was founded by an Italian, an Englishman, and an Australian and that it serves Vegemite and Marmite.

Nearby Munster Village is regarded as having one of the best small-town vibes in central London, which may be a huge appeal for the Aussies.

6. Putney

Putney, located further up the District Line than Fulham, is a popular destination for young Australian professionals and families, with an abundance of outdoor activities and pubs.

It contains a large shopping center called the Putney Exchange, as well as cafes and restaurants along the Thames. Putney, like much of southwest London, is green and adjacent to parklands.

Putney may be a little quiet for younger Australians, but for some, it’s precisely what they’re searching for. It is linked to the city by train to Waterloo or the District Line Tube.

7. Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green, 6.9 kilometers east of the city center, is a cultural melting pot of alternative and traditional cultures.

It is home to a developing Australian community near Victoria Park, home of the popular All Points East music festival, Victoria Park Village, and large open areas.

8. Battersea

Many Australians like to live in Battersea. Battersea Park is one of London’s many green lungs, and it’s a great reason to reside in the neighborhood.

Clapham Junction, a distinct location from Clapham, is nearby and provides quick trains into and around the city. Many businesses have offices in Victoria, close to Battersea, so cycling or walking to work saves money.