Here’s Where To Get Cheap Theatre Tickets In London!

Finding tickets for popular theatre shows at affordable rates in London can be a hassle for many.

But do not worry because we have tried our best to collect all of the greatest sites to help you save money on top-rated theatre shows and other attractions from throughout the country, from London’s West End to Manchester to Glasgow and beyond.

Here’s our comprehensive guide to finding cheap theatre tickets for the best plays in London.

How To Purchase Cheap West End Theatre Tickets?

The West End is London’s home of theatre, hosting some of the most astounding stage performances on display in the UK, from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to Hamilton, and we have some top tips and tactics for you when purchasing West End tickets at reasonable rates.

The following are some of the top ways to purchase cheap West End theatre tickets. 

1.      Buy Tickets Online

Do you intend to catch a great show during your next trip to London? 

Then, get London theatre tickets in advance to save money and ensure you get the finest seat. 

Choose from the top shows in London, including some of the longest-running West End productions, blockbuster musicals, and classic plays.

2.      Visit The TKTS Booth In London

If you need last-minute London theatre tickets, go to the TKTS kiosk in Leicester Square. 

It provides half-price and discounted theatrical tickets on the day of the performance as well as up to a week in advance.

3.      Discover The Most Recent Theater Specials

Using the Visit London app, you can purchase the most recent theatre tickets directly from your smartphone or tablet. 

By purchasing tickets for all of the finest West End theatre plays, you may save money and avoid long lines.

4.      Look Into Standby Tickets And Returns

You can also go straight to the box office to purchase standby tickets (returns and unsold seats for that evening’s show). 

Choose a performance and line up at the box office, but be prepared to dash around for your second or third choice!

5.      Try Fringe Theatre

Fringe theatres frequently feature local celebrities before they begin their UK tours or play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as well as presenting new material.

The Pleasance Theatre in Islington is ideal for stand-up comedy, and it has hosted many notable names in the industry. 

6.      Book A Less Expensive Performance

Matinee and nighttime performances are often less expensive, as are preview performances for several of London’s greatest theatre acts.

7.      Purchase From A Trusted Vendor

Request a seating arrangement and ensure that the chairs have a limited view, as these seats should be less expensive. 

Because these are your legal consumer rights, you should have access to this information before you buy. 

You should also carefully examine any forms to ensure you do not sign away your legal rights.

Many respectable agents have websites that provide online booking, which can be an excellent way to get theatrical tickets; nevertheless, be cautious because touts also operate on the Internet. 

Are There Any Cheap Theatre Tickets On Sale?

Yes, there are a few websites offering the cheapest theatre tickets, and that too on sale! The top three of them are mentioned below:

1.      London Theatre Direct

It offers cheap tickets for many famous shows starting from £12. These tickets are supplied by authorised retailers and are 100% secure.

Contact info:

Tel: 03330090997


Address: 55 Strand London UK WC2R 0LQ

2.      ATG Tickets

They are known to be a world leader in live entertainment even after three decades. They are the world’s leading live theatre group, with expertise in every subject. 

They own and operate venues, significant ticketing networks, and create award-winning productions.

You can visit their website and purchase cheap tickets for “Six the Musical tickets” for £13 only.

Contact info:

Tel: 020 7206 1174


3.      TicketMaster

The West End Guide from Ticketmaster is dedicated to the top London Theatre events and entertainment for 2023 and 2024. 

They are currently offering tickets for “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” starting from £15.

Contact info:


What Are Some Of The Well-Known Shows On The West End And How Can You Purchase Cheap Tickets For Them?

As mentioned above, West End hosts some of the most famous and brilliant shows that everyone can enjoy with their family and friends.

Among them, the top five well-known shows on West End are mentioned below: 

1.      Les Misérables

It is one of the most successful West End shows and is based on Victor Hugo’s book of the same name. 

Tickets for this concert are available via Ticketmaster for £22, The Ticket Factory for £23, and London Theatre Direct for £24.

2.      Matilda The Musical

It is an astounding show, in which Roald Dahl’s classic children’s story Matilda is reimagined as a musical. 

Currently, the cheapest Matilda The Musical tickets are £20 at LW theatres, but you can also purchase them from The Ticket Factory and London Theatre Direct at affordable prices. 

3.      Hamilton

Unfortunately, because of Hamilton’s classic status, tickets are in high demand, making them quite expensive. 

But not to worry as we have a perfect alternative for you. These tickets are available at London Theatre Direct and Hamilton tickets for £24 each.

4.      The Lion King

Many of you may have heard of one of the best and most popular West End plays, which features fantastic effects, brilliant acting, music, engaging music, and costumes.

Tickets for the concert are available for £39.50 and £40.25 via Ticketmaster and The Ticket Factory, respectively.

5.      Cabaret

Cabaret tells the narrative of a failing American writer. The show boasts seven Olivier Awards, including Best Show Revival, and promises to be a thrilling evening out.

Cabaret tickets are currently available for £30 at ATG Tickets and for £36 at London Theatre Direct.