Here’s Where Russian Oligarchs Live In London!

The global elite, particularly Russian oligarchs looking for a safe haven for their enormous fortunes, have long preferred traveling to London. 

These influential people have gained notoriety for their luxurious lifestyles and beautiful homes dispersed throughout the city. 

Let’s take a look at the areas of London where these influential people like to live.

Who Are Russian Oligarchs?

Russian oligarchs are extremely wealthy people who accumulated large fortunes through the privatization of state-owned assets in their country after the fall of the Soviet Union. 

These people frequently have a significant impact on politics, business, and many economic sectors.

Why Do Russian Oligarchs Choose London?

Due to its strong legal system, great educational institutions, and diverse cultural attractions, London has always been a desirable location for Russian billionaires.

Additionally, the city’s international reputation, thriving real estate market, and friendly tax laws make it a prime location for wealth protection and investment.

Which Areas Of London Are Popular Among Russian Oligarchs?

  1. Kensington Palace Gardens

“Billionaires’ Row,” also known as Kensington Palace Gardens, is a private avenue that is home to some of the most valuable real estate in the whole world. 

Many Russian oligarchs live in this affluent area. The homes on this street are frequently opulent palaces surrounded by sizable private grounds, offering maximum privacy and security. 

Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea Football Club, and Leonard Blavatnik, a well-known billionaire and philanthropist, are two noteworthy residents.

  1. Chelsea

Russian oligarchs are interested in Chelsea, which is located near the River Thames. 

This wealthy neighborhood is home to a variety of opulent buildings, from chic townhouses to contemporary penthouses with breathtaking river views. 

Chelsea Harbor, in particular, has seen an increase in oligarchic residents, as its riverfront residences offer a tranquil haven in the middle of the metropolis.

  1. Hampstead

The Northwest London district of Hampstead is another favorite of Russian oligarchs. 

Security and tranquillity are provided by its leafy streets, close proximity to green areas, and upscale buildings. 

People like Roman Abramovich and Alexander Lebedev have drawn attention to the area.

  1. Belgravia

Belgravia has long been a favorite neighborhood of the affluent elite, famed for its opulent Georgian homes and garden squares. 

Russian oligarchs like Alisher Usmanov and Evgeny Lebedev have opted to reside in this upscale area.

  1. Mayfair

The City of Westminster’s Mayfair has become the primary residence of Russian oligarchs. 

Its proximity to upscale shops, restaurants, and exclusive members’ clubs makes it a highly sought-after area. 

The elite of the oligarch community is drawn to the lush alleys of Mayfair, which are lined with exquisite Georgian homes, mansions, and opulent penthouses.

  1. St. John’s Wood

Along with Regent’s Park, St. John’s Wood has drawn Russian oligarchs looking for premium properties. 

Victorian and Edwardian homes, opulent apartments, and contemporary townhouses are all mixed together in the area. 

Its appeal to oligarchic residents is increased by its close proximity to the park, as well as by reputable schools and upscale services.

What Are The Iconic Properties Owned By Russian Oligarchs In London?

  1. One Hyde Park

One Hyde Park, a residential skyscraper in Knightsbridge that is among the most costly in the world, attracts the super-rich, including billionaires from Russia. 

Rinat Akmetov and Dmitry Rybolovlev are notable unit owners in this opulent building.

  1. The Kensington Palace Gardens

This street, frequently referred to as “Billionaires’ Row,” has opulent residences with intense protection. 

Roman Abramovich and Lakshmi Mittal, two well-known Russian oligarchs, have both purchased properties in this exclusive neighborhood.

  1. The Candy Brothers’ Developments

Nick and Christian Candy are real estate developers who have worked on some of London’s most renowned projects. 

One Hyde Park and Chelsea Barracks, two of their developments, have drawn wealthy people from all over the world, including Russian oligarchs.

How Do Russian Oligarchs Maintain Their Privacy And Security?

The privacy and security of Russian oligarchs are highly valued, and they frequently spend a lot of money doing so. 

To ensure solitude, this may entail putting in place sophisticated security measures, hiring private security companies, or even acquiring nearby properties.

Are There Any Challenges Or Controversies Associated With Russian Oligarchs In London?

  • Money laundering concerns

There are claims that Russian oligarchs are utilizing the London real estate market to conceal their criminal financial activities. 

The UK government has taken steps to thwart money laundering and improve real estate market transparency.

  • Political influence

Russian oligarchs’ presence in London has sparked worries about their possible impact on UK politics. 

In other cases, their monetary support for political parties has generated discussions about accountability and transparency.


Numerous Russian oligarchs seeking opulent lifestyles and safe investments have been drawn to London by its attractiveness as a major global financial center and shelter for the wealthy elite. 

These people have permanently altered the city’s real estate market, from the upscale streets of Kensington and Chelsea to the stately homes in Belgravia. 

The houses of Russian billionaires in London continue to stand for their enormous riches and power in both Russian and international politics, despite the fact that their presence has not been without controversy.