Here’s Where To Get Cheap Chocolates In London!

Chocolate lovers looking to buy cheap yet delicious and high-quality chocolates in London are in luck because we have put together a list of the top seven amazing chocolate places.

These are the greatest locations to indulge in selling scrumptious chocolates at reasonable rates. 

Are you ready to explore the cheapest chocolate stores in London? Let’s get started.

1.      Hotel Chocolat

When the first Hotel Chocolat shop opened its doors to visitors in North London in 2004, it signaled the beginning of a British chocolate revolution. 

Two entrepreneurs set out to make chocolate exciting again. Now, they have 126 storefronts, in addition to restaurants, outlets, cafés, and factory stores. 

Moreover, they have over 40 outlets in Japan and a luxury eco-hotel on their functioning cocoa plantation in the Caribbean.

They are constantly striving to be unique, creative, and one step ahead of the competition. 

Their chocolates are not only delicious, but also reasonably priced.

Lastly, they draw inspiration from everything they enjoy, from the lush rainforest environment of our cocoa plantations to classic British delicacies and tipples.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 7323 9938


Address: Unit F, 27 Tottenham Ct Rd, London W1T 1BX, United Kingdom

2.      Chocolate Fantasies

Chocolate Fantasies strives to create lasting joy for everyone. Their companies can even arrange chocolates in bulk for various events to make their customers happy.

They know that by stocking reasonable chocolates, sweets, and snacks, they are able to create happy exchanges between their proud clients and their lucky receivers.

By making their customers happy, they are able to expand their product line. Each day, they come up with new ideas to meet their clients’ needs and improve the quality of their products.

And, because they have their own production lines, your wildest chocolate fantasy can become a reality. It’s doable if it’s chocolate.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 8806 5555


Address: 62 Stamford Hill, London N16 6XS, United Kingdom

3.      Leonidas Chocolates

They have one of the most extensive selections of chocolates, all of which are freshly produced weekly from a single plant in Brussels. 

All boxes are hand packed in their London stores and can be customised to your exact specifications.

Moreover, the chocolates are sold at reasonable rates. You can even get them at wholesale prices. 

Custom packaging and design are also available for corporate purchases, weddings, special events, and other bigger orders.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 8127 6690


Address: 15 Broadway, Greater, London SW1H 0AZ, United Kingdom

4.      Charbonnel et Walker

They are especially well-known for their delicious dark chocolate, which is prepared from the best dark couverture. 

As a result, the flavor is decadently rich, and the experience is unforgettable. Their exquisite handcrafted boxes and satin ribbons round off the ideal present for any occasion.

At their store, Madame Charbonnel’s traditional recipes are used to make the finest confectioneries. 

A beautifully packaged box of Charbonnel et Walker chocolates is sure to please any customer and is an amazing statement of your love and caring.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 7318 2075


Address: One, 28 The Royal Arcade, Old Bond St, London W1S 4BT, United Kingdom

5.      Melt Chocolates

Melt is a Notting Hill-based chocolate company that supplies all kinds of chocolates. It is based in Kensington & Chelsea, where it manufactures and sells all of its fresh chocolates. 

It is the most opulent chocolate company in London and is the polar opposite of corporate, which allows them to be fully creative. 

Their recipes are inspired by a simple encounter or a conversation with a customer. Using premium ingredients, knowledge, inspiration, and talent, their confectioners are able to create very unique chocolates and bars.

Their process is distinct in that the kitchen is placed in the shop, allowing you to see your chocolates being created right in front of you. It’s fascinating to see chocolate being made, and the aroma is overwhelming.

They may gift wrap your chocolates if you choose. Furthermore, their store will definitely appeal to your senses, including your sense of smell, touch, sight, and taste. 

Their reasonably priced chocolates melt at body temperature hence the name of the company. 

Contact info:

Tel: +44 (0)208 354 4504


Address: Holland Park 6 Clarendon Road, London W11 3AA

6.      Rococo Chocolates

Rococo Chocolates has been producing British chocolate for almost four decades. 

Their vast tradition and skills have enabled them to introduce unique flavors and experiences to their clients. 

They believe in starting trends rather than chasing them and take pride in their ethical and environmentally friendly options. 

They make sure they only use the finest quality products in their chocolates and also work hard to offer them at cheap rates. Additionally, they sell chocolates with personality. 

From their wonderful, design-led packaging and excellent flavors to their unique goods and beautifully curated shops, they offer four decades of legacy, knowledge, and British flair to chocolate craft.

Their two London stores are brimming with delectable chocolate gifts as well as their one-of-a-kind handmade truffles. 

Their finest chocolates are handcrafted in small batches in their London kitchens by their team of Chocolatiers, but they are also available at wholesale prices for your businesses or events.

So, for thoughtful, generous gifters, they are the go-to chocolate shop.

Contact info:



Address: Llp 31st Floor, 40 Bank Street, London, E14 5NR

7.      Paul A. Young

Paul Young is an inspiring chocolatier who strives to provide the most delicious and affordable chocolates to the British chocolate market. 

His devotion to his art and innovative ideas have earned him numerous honours and positioned him among the world’s finest chocolatiers.

His delectable chocolates are appropriate for every occasion. 

Contact info:

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7437 0011


Address: 143 Wardour Street, Soho, London, W1F 8WA