Worst Council Estates In London (Avoid These)

According to many residents, an estate is bad when it is crime-ridden and its inhabitants can’t go out or get anything delivered to them because delivery boys or drivers are too scared to enter.

Someone who lived on the London estate for 20 or 25 years believes it has altered considerably when they were a youngster.

The most notorious council estates in London are the ones where there is anti-social behavior, and drug dealing in broad daylight. In some estates, the drug dealers even offer drugs to school kids and sell them beside bus stops.

The following are some of the worst council estates in London to live in:

1- Peckham

It has been named London’s worst council estate. There are numerous infamous gangs that bring violence, crime, and stealing to the area. Almost everyone here is dangerous, violent, and ruthless.

2- Brixton

Brixton has been named London’s second most notorious estate as it has been getting worse day by day. It used to be a good estate, and many infamous gangs spreading violence and crimes have been observed.

People who aren’t corrupt but unfortunately live here constantly think of relocating to a better place. It’s not safe for anyone.

As soon as one goes out, they get robbed. Moreover, there are numerous drug dealers in the estate who not only sell cannabis but also spread violence and crime. It’s a shame because it is a beautiful, colorful, vibrant place and has so much diversity.

3- Tottenham

Tottenham has always been a terrible place to live in. It used to be a bad place in the past, and it is still a horrible place now. There are absolutely no shops worth mentioning, no sense of community, no personality, and no vitality.

It is a monoculture rather than a multicultural environment. The estate has no heart even in better days, owing to the manner it was developed, which was all at once rather than gradually.

Some people share their worst experiences, saying they would never forget how the council took over the house next door when their neighbor died right before they moved out. A man happily destroyed all of the lovely colored glass that had been an original feature that their neighbor had adored.

4- Edmonton

Edmonton is one of the worst places in London filled with corrupt people and criminals. It’s a crime-ridden area where gangs spread violence and murder.

Welfare dependency, unemployment, poor schools, race hustlers, low-cost stores, and ineffective labor Party councilors are all the main problems in Edmonton.

5- Hackney

Hackney, according to many channels, is the worst place to live in the United Kingdom. Instead of working to improve it, the local Labor Party Council took offense and attacked the channels.

The estate is unsafe at night because there are so many alleyways and you never know what will emerge. Many gangs prowl in the streets after dark, especially after dusk, spreading crime and violence.

What Is The Roughest Council Estate In London?

According to many channels and the residents, Peckham is the most dangerous, and roughest council estate to live in the city. Gang activity appears to be the most significant element in the area’s high rating.

People who just stayed there for two weeks said they moved right away because of the increasing crime and violence. 

Since there are so many drug gangs in Peckham, it is the worst place to live in. You’re basically done if you live there.

It has been named London’s worst council estate. There are numerous infamous gangs that bring violence, crime, and stealing to the area. Almost everyone here is dangerous, violent, and ruthless.

What Is The Roughest Council Estate In England?

The worst council estate in England has got to be Primrose Court in Huyton, Merseyside. It is named England’s most notorious estate and it keeps getting worse.

Locals claim the situation has gotten worse in the year since those reports. No one is safe there. Residents claim that gangs of youngsters use the estate’s abandoned houses to store stolen goods and drugs.

Police have discovered a substantial amount of cocaine and many stolen goods hidden in the houses.

According to many residents, groups of 10-20 persons from outside the estate spread crime and violence in the neighborhood.

They set fire to the neighborhood, the street, and the entrance so no one can get out. When there is more substantial trash, such as large sofas and furniture, they set fire to it in the middle of the street.

This keeps happening and no one dares to come into the area. Everyone is always concerned for their safety.

What Is The Roughest Part Of London?

Croydon is the roughest part of London. It is the most hazardous borough in London so far this year, with more than a thousand crimes reported.

According to the police department and many news channels, numerous crimes are committed each day and no one is safe. There is always someone stealing and killing people.

Robbery and murders are the two most common crimes in Croydon. No driver or rider goes there as everyone is scared of the place.

These crimes are increasing with each passing day and it seems as if it will never get better.

Where Should I Not Live In London?

Because London is so large and diverse, living in different parts of the city can provide a completely different experience. Some parts of London have a strong feeling of community, and residents work hard every day to improve the district.

While other neighborhoods appear to be places where individuals are only staying for a short time and wish to get away as soon as possible.

The most dangerous areas in London are Croydon, Camden, Westminster, Kensington, Chelsea, and a lot of other places that are definitely unsafe for everyone. These and other such places are the ones you should avoid.

London is a beautiful city and many people would kill to relocate to it (pun intended). It is the most expensive place to live in the UK, but at the same time, there are many notorious places that are full of criminals and murders. These places should be avoided once you decide to move to London.