London Vs Los Angeles: Which is Better, Cheaper?

London and Los Angeles are always mentioned when two cities from separate continents are mentioned. They are not just well-known cities in their own nations, but also around the world.

Choosing which city is the best location to live would be difficult. London and Los Angeles are dramatically different cities separated by a continent.

London is “European,” as it is Europe’s hub. This city has beautiful architecture, refined taste, and a sense of tradition. The city is both inspirational and attractive.

It does, however, have certain restrictions. It is quite busy and crowded, so if you want to do some “normal” things like go to a nice restaurant or see a major attraction, you will need to plan ahead and make appointments early because everything is constantly packed.

Another important factor is the weather. Summer in London is extremely sunny and lends a nicer attitude to the city; yet, winter in London is quite gloomy and wet. If you live in London long enough, you will become used to the weather.

Los Angeles, on the other hand, is more culturally “American”. LA boasts beautiful weather, beaches, restaurants, and a happy attitude.

Although Los Angeles might not have as many architectural wonders as many European towns, the city of angels will undoubtedly inspire and amaze you.

Finally, I would like to point out that living standards in London are quite low for most other Europeans (Western and Central). The only way to afford to live there is to share a flat and toilet. I would venture to say that living standards in LA are slightly higher, but not by much.

London has a much larger population than Los Angeles (approximately 8.6 million vs. 3.9 million). As a result, London will be significantly more crowded than Los Angeles. Because both cities are very desirable places to live and work, they boast a diversified, multi-cultural population.

It all depends on your aims and tastes when it comes to recommendations.

Do you prefer European over American culture? What industries do you work in? What do you aim to accomplish in life and what do you want to gain from it? Beautiful architecture, museums, wonderful parks, good weather, and a fantastic way of life, inspire you?

Is London Better Than LA?

London and Los Angeles are vibrant cities with a lot of interesting things to offer. They are well-known for a reason. Both stand out dramatically and draw a large number of visitors who wish to stay rather than merely visit.

They are both great places to live and work, yet they offer completely different lifestyles. Some people will prefer London to Los Angeles. For some people, Los Angeles is more appealing than London.

London is a highly regarded European capital that no one should miss seeing. Every visitor to the city will find many wonderful attractions.

It features beautiful architecture, and a sense of aristocracy, and is steeped in English culture and traditions. Over the years, the great city of Great Britain has developed a reputation.

On the other hand, Los Angeles is an ‘American’ city. It is both culturally and politically diverse. Los Angeles offers a laid-back lifestyle complete with good weather, nature, and beaches. It’s a hybrid of a highly sophisticated city set on a naturally sacred landscape.

Choosing which city is the best location to live would be difficult. London and Los Angeles are dramatically different cities separated by a continent.

However, we shall examine every facet in this comparison of London and Los Angeles. Each viewpoint will assist us in determining which city is the greatest. As a result, continue reading to find out which city is the best location to live between Los Angeles and London.

Los Angeles and London are excellent destinations to consider, especially if you want to settle down. Choosing between Los Angeles and London requires a comprehensive examination.

As a result, here are some things to think about when deciding between London and Los Angeles as the preferable city:


Both Los Angeles and London are large cities. However, London has twice the population of Los Angeles. It has a population of about 9 million people, compared to only 4 million in Los Angeles. Both cities are varied and cultural melting pots in terms of diversity.

People are more likely to settle in these places because they offer more opportunities than other cities. They attract a diverse group of individuals because they provide both employment and a high standard of living.


The culture is the most significant difference between London and Los Angeles. London is known for its museums and galleries, but Los Angeles is known for its beaches.

Los Angeles offers a laid-back lifestyle with easy access to the ocean and mountains.

More artists than adventurers will flock to London. Every artist should pay a visit to its century-old buildings, museums, and galleries.


Los Angeles’ food culture may be more diverse than London’s. In comparison to the English, Americans, of course, enjoy eating. There are many eateries to choose from in Los Angeles. Street food to high-end and top-caliber restaurants are all available.

London is also keeping pace with Los Angeles. It may have a reputation for having a second-rate food culture, but it currently has some of the top restaurants in the world. London also offers cultural diversity in terms of food.


The public expects big cities to have good transportation systems. London has a distinct subway system, but Los Angeles is congested.

The Tube is London’s subway system. It caters effectively to Londoners who are not required to own a car. It is a user-friendly transportation system that caters to the demands of all commuters.

On the one hand, Los Angeles lacks a public transportation system, forcing residents to purchase a car. If you want to appreciate the city, this is your way of transportation.

Wage average

Both cities provide employment options. Because of the jobs, many people would like to live in London or Los Angeles.

In comparison to London, however, Los Angeles has a higher average wage rate. The median salary is more than $3,040, compared to $2,900 in London. Between the two cities, there is a 3% wage gap.

The surroundings and environment

Los Angeles is a bright city, but London is gloomy. London has more rainy days, whilst Los Angeles has plenty of sunshine.

London is a coastal city, whereas Los Angeles has a lengthy stretch of shoreline. People’s lifestyles will be heavily influenced by their surroundings.

In the end, it is all up to you, which lifestyle you are willing to live, what are your preferences, and what will suit you the most. Both cities are great in their own way, you just have to see which one goes with your taste.

Is London More Expensive Than Los Angeles?

Both Los Angeles and London are pricey places. Los Angeles is already known as one of the most expensive cities in the country. However, London is more expensive than LA.

Living in London is more expensive than in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the 50th most expensive city in the world, according to the 540 cities assessed. On the other hand, London is on the 37th. Consumer pricing and dining out are lower in Los Angeles.

Because London is regarded as being one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, you will almost certainly need to adapt your budget once you relocate to the big city.

London is one of the most expensive places to live in the world. This is partly owing to the recent fast spike in rental expenses. Prices for most restaurants, bars, clubs, movies, taxis, theatres, and the London Underground are all relatively pricey.

Living in London or LA demands a wide range of requirements and considerations. It will determine the direction of your life and the type of life you will lead.

Although both places have lots of career opportunities, the question is how much money you have and need to live the life you choose.

Is It Cheaper To Live In London Or Los Angeles?

London is 6% more expensive than Los Angeles in terms of living costs.

In a direct comparison to London, user-submitted data shows that Los Angeles is less expensive in terms of consumer prices and eating out. Rental prices are comparable, but groceries in Los Angeles are significantly more expensive.

Los Angeles is ranked 50th out of over 540 nations in the Cost of Living Index Rate, which is published and updated by Numbeo. To put things in perspective, London is placed 37th.

As a result, Los Angeles is estimated to be cheaper than London.


Individual preferences have a role in deciding which city is the best. For those who enjoy easily getting around the city, London may be the best option. In terms of transportation, London surpasses Los Angeles. It is, however, more costly.

On the one hand, Los Angeles is a large American city. If you want to experience the American way of life, starting in LA is a terrific place to start. You will be more open to a wider range of options because of its liberalism and diversity.