Is City University Of London Good? A Breakdown

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Is KFC Halal In London?

Many Muslims in the United Kingdom enjoy KFC, but is it halal? KFC takes pride in fulfilling the expectation of its customers, with locations around the country and worldwide. Many people, however, avoid such restaurants because they think they are not truly halal. They claim that many of their London locations also provide halal and … Read more

Is London Bigger Than New York?

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Does It Snow In London? Explained!

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List Of Prop Trading Firms in London (Plus FAQS)

Proprietary trading is a type of trading, in which a company or institution invests its own money in stocks, commodities, bonds, and other financial instruments. A prop trading firm invests for direct market gain rather than generating commission dollars by trading on behalf of clients. Prop trading is a great option for beginners with small … Read more

5 Of The Worst Universities in London!

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