Best London Gin Distilleries: A Guide to the Top Gin-Making Destinations in the City

London is a city that has always had a deep love for gin. With a history of centuries-old obsession with the spirit, it is no surprise that the city is home to numerous gin distilleries, tours, and experiences. For those looking to explore the best gin experiences in London, this article will provide a comprehensive guide to the top distilleries, tastings, and experiences that should not be missed.

From the latest distillery openings to the finest gin tastings, this guide will help visitors find the best gin in the city. With so many options to choose from, this article will ensure that readers can make the most of their next gin-fueled adventure in London.

Key Takeaways

  • London has a rich history of gin obsession and is home to numerous gin distilleries, tours, and experiences.
  • This guide will provide a comprehensive list of the best gin experiences in the city, including the latest distillery openings and finest tastings.
  • With so many options available, visitors can make the most of their gin-fueled adventure in London.

Best Gin Distilleries in London

The London Distillery Company

Located in Bermondsey, The London Distillery Company is the first whisky distillery in London in over a century. Their gin is inspired by the botanicals of English gardens and their ‘Kew’ series is a masterclass in British gin. Visitors can take a tour of the tiny gin distillery and taste their entire collection while learning about the production process.

Half Hitch London

Located in Camden Market, Half Hitch London produces small and exclusive batches of gin made from carefully-selected and obscure ingredients, such as Malawian black tea and bergamot. The owner, Mark Holdsworth, spent fifteen years working for Bacardi before starting his own distillery. Visitors can sample gin while watching a batch being distilled in a copper pot.

City of London Distillery

The City of London Distillery was at the forefront of the gin revolution in the heart of the capital. Since launching their flagship gin back in 2012, they’ve expanded their range to include six delicious tipples. Visitors can take the famous City of London gin distillery tour and get a behind-the-scenes peek at production, as well as a taste of three gins. They also offer a “design your own” gin lab experience and have a subterranean bar.

East London Liquor Company

Located in Bow, the East London Liquor Company is not only a gin distillery but also produces whisky and vodka. Their classic London Dry Gin, with its subtle but noticeable hit of cardamom, is a must-try. The distillery has won many awards and offers three standard tours to choose from, as well as a regular calendar of special events.

Beefeater Gin

Beefeater Gin is one of the most popular British gin companies and has been around for well over a century. Visitors can take one of the best gin tours in London, which includes a “smell tour” of ingredients used to give gin its characteristic flavour.

Mother’s Ruin

Located in Walthamstow, Mother’s Ruin is named after the term used to describe gin in the Georgian era. The distillery is housed in an old WWII munitions factory, where visitors can sample over 80 different types of gin guilt-free.


Located in Chiswick, Sipsmith was started by two best friends who opened their distillery in 2009. Their gin is delicious and has won numerous awards. Visitors can take a distillery tour, which includes a behind-the-scenes look as well as some tastings. They also offer a fabulous cocktail class.

Graveney Gin

Located in Tooting, Graveney Gin is a small-batch London gin distillery that produces organic gin using a 30l copper still and fresh botanicals. Each batch is unique and one of the most interesting tipples in the city.

Portobello Road Gin

Located in Notting Hill, The Distillery is a gin lover’s playground, offering up four levels of gin-related debauchery and its own distillery producing Portobello Road gin. There are multiple tasting spaces, two bars, and the Ginstitute. Visitors can experience one of the best gin tastings in London.

Highwayman Gin

Located in Kentish Town, Highwayman Gin is a really small batch gin distillery that produces only sixteen bottles a day. Visitors can taste it at nearby Ladies & Gents, a tiny bar in Kentish town that holds gin masterclasses using Highwayman. It’s located in a former public loo.

Jensen’s Gin

Located in Bermondsey, Jensen’s Gin produces ‘gin as it should be’ – gin that’s true to its origins and traditions. Their fabulous Old Tom gin is even replicated from an authentic 1840s gin handbook. Visitors can sample their gin from their home in one of the archways at the end of Maltby Street Market on weekends or email them to book in for a distillery tour.

Other Gin Tastings, Tours & Experiences in London

London is known for its love of gin, and there are many ways to explore and experience the city’s gin culture. Here are some other gin tastings, tours, and experiences in London that are worth checking out:

Discovering London’s Gin in a Mini Cooper

For a unique and fun way to explore London’s gin scene, consider taking a tour in a retro Mini Cooper. This tour includes visits to two gin bars and a distillery, with a knowledgeable local driver who will share insider information and gin history. Three gin drinks are included in the price, making for a merry experience.

Borough Market & Beefeater Gin Tour

Borough Market and Beefeater Gin Distillery are two of London’s top spots for food and drink. This small group tour offers an insider’s perspective on the market’s history and premier stalls, followed by a tour of the distillery and gin sampling.

Gin Journey

Gin Journey offers gin-related events in cities worldwide, including London. Every Saturday, three separate tours are run visiting the neighbourhoods of Soho, Shoreditch, and Bermondsey. On each journey, guests get to explore five amazing venues and sample gins at each, led by a gin expert.

The Ginstitute

Located inside The Distillery, The Ginstitute is a mecca for gin lovers from around the world. The London gin masterclass offers a chance to learn everything about gin’s history and production. Guests also have the opportunity to craft their gin and keep their recipe on file for future re-orders.

Make Your Own Gin at 58 Gin

Learn about the perfect bottle of gin and its history in London and beyond at 58 Gin’s gin class. Guests can then have a go at distilling their gin, with creative control and assistance available. The three-hour experience includes a wax-sealed 500ml bottle and a ‘gin gift bag.’

Sipsmith Supper Club

Sipsmith offers a range of gin-related activities, including tours, tastings, and cocktail masterclasses. The gin supper club is a standout experience, featuring gin pairings with a delicious menu of French food from Michelin-starred restaurant La Trompette.

Secret Gin Tour

For a comprehensive tour of London’s top distilleries, consider the Secret Gin Tour. Starting at an emporium with hundreds of bottles to taste, guests will then cruise through the streets of Soho and track down a few more distilleries. The tour includes all the top spots in under four hours, providing a comprehensive education on England’s gin culture.

Map of London’s Gin Experiences and Distilleries

London is a hub for gin enthusiasts and offers a variety of experiences and distilleries to explore. Here is a map of the featured locations in this guide:

Beefeater LondonA historic distillery with tours and tastings.
SipsmithA small-batch distillery with a cozy tasting room.
City of London DistilleryA gin-focused distillery with a sleek bar and tours.
The GinstituteA gin museum and distillery with a cocktail bar.
Four Pillars GinA distillery with a focus on unique botanicals and flavors.

Use this map to plan your gin adventures in London and discover new and exciting gin experiences.

Practical Tips for Exploring London’s Gin Distilleries

For those looking to explore the world of gin in London, there are a few practical tips to keep in mind. First and foremost, it’s important to taste the gin neat before diluting it with water. This allows for a full appreciation of the flavors and botanicals present in the gin. Additionally, it’s recommended to use a clean glass, as any residue can interfere with the taste and aroma.

Another key tip is to smell the gin before tasting it. Swirling the gin and taking a whiff from a couple of inches away can help identify the various aromatics present. It’s also important to taste the gin at room temperature, as both extreme heat and cold can affect the flavors.

For those who want to try a variety of gins, the Craft Gin Club is a great option. They deliver a selection of high-quality gins straight to your door. By following these practical tips, gin enthusiasts can fully enjoy and appreciate the unique flavors of London’s gin distilleries.