Working & Middle-Class Areas In London: A Guide

London is one of the most beautiful cities and the capital of the United Kingdom. The city has it all, great places, artistic views, rich history, and advanced culture.

There’s always something for everyone, from world-class and elite culture to surprisingly affordable places for middle-class people.

Housing societies, transportation, educational institutes, and various sources of entertainment are one of the best in the world.  

London is also one of the most expensive cities in the United Kingdom.

The housing societies are top-notch, but their costs have reached absurd levels and middle-class people are not able to afford such costs. These high costs affect the majority of Londoners in the middle class. 

However, there are also millions of properties that are affordable and accessible to middle-class people. What is more important is the fact that these areas are also very safe and permanent residences.

If you decide to relocate to London and you fall in the category of middle-class people, the following areas are perfect as they are not only affordable but also offer the same kind of amenities that posh areas do. 

  • East Finchley
  • Streatham
  • Hammersmith
  • Fulham

Where Does The Middle-Class Live In London?

  • East Finchley

East Finchley, located in the borough of north London, is a well-established middle-class area that offers affordable houses, great educational institutes, convenient public transportation links, and beautiful parks.

While there are a few expensive properties in this area, there are usually affordable homes that middle-class people on a tight budget can easily purchase.

East Finchley looks no less than a posh area. The architecture is extremely beautiful and it is a culturally diverse area where you will find people of all cultures. 

  • Streatham

Streatham is located in the southwest of London. The area used to have a bad reputation, but after the investment of millions of pounds to improve this area, it got much better and now it resembles one of the posh areas of London.  

There are many affordable houses in this area that are accessible to middle-class people. Moreover, it is home to a number of elite schools and colleges, green parks, theaters, eateries, coffee shops, shopping malls, and much more.   

Streatham could be the perfect area for you if you are a struggling bachelor, a young professional, or looking to raise your family while being on a tight budget.

  • Hammersmith

Hammersmith is a perfect area for middle-class people located in the west of London. It is a great place to get houses on rent and raise our family. 

The area offers cozy restaurants, high-end bars, and cafes. Another advantage of living in Hammersmith is that it is located very near to Central London. 

Struggling young people or families looking to start afresh can relocate to this area because of affordable houses, great schools, and vibrant nightlife.

  • Fulham

Fulham is a terrific place for families, struggling young professionals, and couples to settle or start afresh. It is an area appropriate for middle-class people. The area looks great and is considered one of London’s most popular suburbs. 

Furthermore, it offers modern architecture, elite educational institutes, high-end restaurants, bars, green parks, and a number of modern properties. 

In terms of safety, both the police and the area’s residents work side by side. These friendly and cooperative people keep an eye out for each so you can rest assured that you and your families will have no problem here.

Where Do Working-Class Live In London?

Working-class people mostly reside in Brixton, Tottenham, Hackney, and Dalston. In addition to being one of the most beautiful cities in the United Kingdom, London is also one of the most expensive cities in the world.

The housing societies are excellent, but their costs have risen to such high levels that middle-class and working-class people are unable to afford them. The majority of Londoners are affected by these high expenditures.

London has seen a rise in the middle class and working-class people over the course of time as some of the traditionally nice areas have become too expensive to live in due to rising rents and expensive houses. 

There are, however, millions of properties that are inexpensive and accessible to working-class people. The fact that these regions are also highly safe is even more crucial.

Now, most areas of London include a mix of working and middle-class residents, as well as some upper-class people. In fact, there is hardly a place that is not dominated by middle-class or working-class people.

 need to avoid a place because it’s dominated by poorer people—the main shopping areas and certain main routes are all fairly safe; just avoid going inside council estates and dodgy-looking streets (especially at night) because they’re known to be gang hotspots.

  1. Brixton

It is one of the busiest working-class suburbs in London that offers great opportunities to people and a thriving and exciting lifestyle with great houses, schools, and transportation links.

The area has gotten much better over the course of time and it continues to grow.   

  1. Tottenham

Tottenham is also one of the areas where working-class people reside. It is a convenient place for most people, offering great views and opportunities. 

The houses are affordable and modern. Additionally, it is a culturally diverse place where everyone gets equal opportunities. For these reasons, Tottenham is a terrific place to live. The cherry on top is that it has great public transport, helping you save quite a lot of money on gas.

  1. Hackney

Hackney has a great number of working-class people. It is the most appropriate place if you are a struggling individual. 

  1. Dalston

Living in Dalston offers great opportunities. There is always something for everyone. While many people love its vibrant lifestyle, elite eateries, clubs, and bars, there are many struggling and working-class people who earn very little money, and for these people, there are a number of amenities and affordable houses and rents.

Dalston offers a modern culture, and in terms of safety, it is considered one of the safest places in London. 

Living in London offers great opportunities for people, but if you are a struggling individual, you might think twice before relocating to it. The above-mentioned places are appropriate for you if you are on a tight budget but still want the best for yourself and your family.