Best London Souvenirs: Top Picks for Authentic and Memorable Gifts

Looking for the best souvenirs to take home from London? Look no further than this guide, which highlights the top presents from the capital. As you stroll around the tourist areas of London, you’ll find an abundance of shops selling London souvenirs that cater to every possible London stereotype. From bears dressed as Beefeaters to red double-decker buses, and the Union Jack flag adorning just about everything, the options are endless.

However, if you scratch beneath the surface of London’s touristy facade, you’ll find some truly beautiful and high-quality reminders of your time in the city that won’t break the bank. Not sure where to start? This guide has got you covered.

Key Takeaways

  • London offers a wide range of souvenirs that cater to every possible London stereotype.
  • Look beyond the touristy veneer to find unique and high-quality souvenirs that won’t break the bank.
  • This guide provides practical tips on where to find the best souvenirs in London.

Best Souvenirs From London

London is a city full of history, culture, and unique experiences that make it an ideal destination for travelers. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or a souvenir to remind you of your trip, London has a wide range of options to choose from. Here are some of the best souvenirs to buy in London:

Tea and Biscuits

Tea and biscuits are a quintessential part of British culture, and London has no shortage of options to choose from. Loose-leaf tea stores offer a wide range of tea flavors, allowing tea lovers to become tea snobs. Biscuiteers offer a variety of biscuits, from cookies to shortbread, gingerbread to decadent chocolate-topped delights.


London has a rich literary history, making it an excellent destination for book lovers. Foyles on Charing Cross Road is a popular bookstore that offers a wide range of books set in London. Second-hand bookstores, such as Hatchards in Piccadilly Circus, offer a unique shopping experience.

Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle of a London landmark or vista across the city can be a great way to remember your trip. Fitting the final piece into place can fill you with warm and fuzzy memories of your visit to London.

Museum Gift Shop Presents

London is home to many museums, and each museum has its own gift shop. Museum gift shops offer unique and memorable souvenirs, especially if you visit a museum about London’s rich and unique historical past. Smaller museums often have the best gift shops.

Cheese (Yes, Really)

London has a variety of independent cheesemakers that offer a truly unmatched flavor and aroma. Food markets, such as Borough Market, offer a variety of cheese stalls and a small wheel of Stilton is a perfect souvenir to take home.


London has several boutique and independent fragrance houses that produce some of the most beautiful natural scents imaginable. Covent Garden and Seven Dials are great locations to find the perfect fragrance to take home.

London Map

London is an iconic city, and its maps are equally well-known. A map of London in one form or another can be a great reminder of your visit to the city. Cushion covers, travel bags, posters, or even a duvet cover with a map of London are great options.

Vinyl Records

London has a rich music history, and record stores offer a wide range of classic records from The Who, The Clash, Spandau Ballet, and Blur. Record stores are a great place to find classic records to play at home and dream of London.

London Dry Gin

London and gin go hand-in-hand, and No. 3 London dry gin made to a secret recipe by Berry Brothers and Rudd is a must-try. Available in a gift set with Dolin’s Vermouth from Harvey Nichols, this is the perfect souvenir for an evening of reminiscence about your visit to London.

Buckingham Palace Hand Towel

A hand towel decorated in gold thread with the iconic emblem of Buckingham Palace is an elegant souvenir for any royal fan. The towel is made from 100% cotton and is a cut above anything from the ten-a-penny gift shops that crowd London streets.

Ultimate Beer Glass

A visit to a traditional British pub is a must-do in London, and the Ultimate Beer Glass made by Dartington Crystal is a great souvenir to take home. The beautifully curved crystal-cut glass drinking vessel comes with a carton packed with British beer trivia.


London’s weather can be unpredictable, so it’s always a good idea to carry an umbrella. For a truly authentic London umbrella experience, visit one of London’s traditional umbrella makers, such as James Smith & Sons. Here you’ll find a range of artisan, classic-style umbrellas that’ll protect you through years of torrential downpours.

Where to Buy Souvenirs in London

London is a city famous for its rich history, culture, and iconic landmarks. When visiting this vibrant city, it is almost impossible not to want to take a piece of it home with you. From traditional British foods to bespoke clothing and unique mementos, London has a wide range of souvenirs to offer. Here are some of the best places to buy souvenirs in London:


Located in West London’s Knightsbridge, Harrods is one of the most iconic department stores in London. This world-renowned store offers a wide range of authentic British goods, including clothing, jewellery, and food. Harrods is particularly famous for its food hall, which stocks some of the best British foods, wines, and spirits. No matter what your budget is, a visit to Harrods should be on your itinerary.


Selfridges is a department store that is an experience in itself. Located on Oxford Street, it is famous for its range of cutting-edge fashion lines, but it also offers a great selection of souvenirs. From hampers to personalised gifts and eco-friendly souvenirs, Selfridges offers a genuine London shopping experience.

Fortnum & Mason

Established in 1707, Fortnum & Mason is an institution as English as Harrods, Selfridges, and the Royal Family. Located on Piccadilly, this iconic store is particularly famous for its incredible hampers and gift sets that showcase the best fresh British produce. Fortnum & Mason also has an incredible range of loose-leaf teas, making it the perfect place to buy a unique gift.

Camden Market

Located along the Regent’s Canal, Camden Market is a must-visit for anyone looking for a unique souvenir. This vibrant market offers a wide range of food, clothes, merch, and mementos, catering to people of all tastes, from the mainstream to the alternative. Camden Market has a more alternative take on the London souvenir scene, mashing different art styles together to give you a unique reminder of the city.

Borough Market

Borough Market is one of the best markets in London, bursting with the freshest, tastiest produce and the traditional calling cards of London’s marketeers. This market is particularly famous for its locally made cheeses, fresh bakes, eels, oysters, pie, and liquor. Borough Market is the perfect place to collect a taste of London to take home.

The Queen’s Shop

Located just around the corner from Buckingham Palace’s grand facade on Buckingham Gate, The Queen’s Shop serves every conceivable whim and fancy of fans of the royal family. The shop offers a range of souvenirs that are less tacky but with full royal approval, and at real value for money prices too.

Rough Trade East

Located in the old Truman’s Brewery, just off Brick Lane in East London, Rough Trade East is the perfect place to buy a unique souvenir for music lovers. Home to one of London’s oldest and best-known independent record labels, Rough Trade East has shelves stacked with records that provide a compelling soundtrack to London.


Located on Piccadilly, Hatchards is London’s oldest bookshop and a must-visit for bibliophiles. Hatchards offers a wide range of books, both fiction and nonfiction, making it the perfect place to buy a lasting readable memory of London.

Columbia Road Market

Although ostensibly a flower market, Columbia Road is well worth visiting in its own right. This Hackney marketplace is blooming with the most beautiful seasonal colors throughout the year every Sunday. In addition to flowers, the market stalls and accompanying charming shop fronts offer gorgeous little mementos and original items that will give you that warm fuzzy feeling you associate with London every time you see them.


Located on Regent Street, Liberty is another of London’s vast, elegant department stores, perfect for finding some bespoke London gifts to take home with you. Liberty is particularly famous for its range of fabrics for fans of haberdashery. While you’re there, take in the stunning Tudor-revivalist exterior dating back to 1875.

Charbonnel et Walker

Located in the heart of Bond Street in London’s high-class West End, Charbonnel et Walker is Britain’s first luxury chocolatier. Their chocolatey delights are worthy of their surroundings, and their chocolates and truffles have stood the test of time and are a stunning sweet memento of a visit to London.

To Home From London

To Home From London is a delightful artisanal gift shop bursting with cute souvenirs of your time in London. Located in Camden, with its flagship store in Camden Lock Market, this gorgeous boutique is perfect for anyone with a sense of the cute and who wants to support local artists. Best of all, they are un

Practical Tips for Picking the Best Souvenirs in London

When visiting London, it can be tempting to purchase cheap souvenirs from street vendors or gift shops. However, to avoid overpaying for low-quality items, it is recommended to search for smaller, independent retailers at local markets or museum gift shops.

For those seeking a more upscale shopping experience, London’s department stores offer a wide range of authentic souvenir options. Stores such as Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Liberty, and Selfridges offer high-quality items, but be prepared to pay a premium price.

To ensure that you stay within your budget, it is recommended to set a spending limit beforehand and stick to it. Additionally, consider purchasing souvenirs that are unique to London, such as tea sets or replica models of iconic landmarks.

By following these practical tips, visitors can ensure that they bring home meaningful and high-quality souvenirs from their trip to London.