Here’s How To Dispose Of A Sofa In London!

Do you need to dispose of any outdated furniture? Perhaps outdated sofas, chairs, beds, dining tables, cupboards, or dressing tables?

Be at ease because we can assist. In this article, we will look at some of the easiest ways to get rid of sofas in London.

Are There Any Firms That Help Dispose Of A Sofa In London?

  • Centres for Local Recycling

Bringing the piece to a nearby recycling facility is one of the best ways to get rid of furniture. If the furniture is still in good shape and used by another person, this is a fantastic alternative.

Keep in mind that not all recycling centers will accept big items like sofas, so make sure with your particular neighborhood recycling facility first.

Even if you have a car, this method has another drawback in that the undesirable furniture may be too large to carry.

The furniture wouldn’t be reusable if you disassembled it and threw the little individual components in the trash. 

With items like an old sofa, it can also be labor-intensive and not always practical.

  • Furniture Collection by the Local Council

You might be able to talk to your neighborhood council to pick up any old furniture you have if you reside in London and need to get rid of it. 

For large items like sofas, some governments provide a free heavy trash collection service, but there are a few things you should be aware of before scheduling a pick-up.

To begin with, confirm whether your council provides a free collection service. In order to collect objects, some councils demand a fee.

Secondly, make sure the furniture is sound and unbroken or otherwise harmed.

Also, call your local council to schedule a pick-up time. Be prepared to provide your address and information about the goods you want picked up.

Once it has been picked up, your furniture will be delivered to a recycling facility where it will either be recycled or reused.

  • Local Charities For Furniture Collection

Another good option is to donate your old furniture pieces to a good cause. Many organizations in London accept furniture donations, including old sofas, and occasionally they will even come and pick up the goods from your home for free.

This is a fantastic method to get rid of your old furniture and give back to the community at the same time. 

Age UK and The British Heart Foundation are the two most well-known charities that welcome all types of furniture donations.

One disadvantage of this is that some charities won’t walk upstairs to collect items from flats and will only take gifts from outside the building.

If there isn’t enough room in front of your building for the things to be left, you’ll run into the same issue as other free furniture removal services.

  • Using The Furniture Disposal Services Of A Waste Company

There aren’t many disadvantages to hiring a junk removal company to remove your stuff.

Junk Hunters offers furniture disposal services as a junk removal business. We have expertise and experience in this area. 

Any and all of your heaviest stuff can be removed by us at a very reasonable price.

We take used kitchen cabinets, bathtubs, shower units, couches, and other goods. When you employ their services, all they ask is that you let them know about any particularly large items, such as refrigerators, freezers, electrical equipment, and beds.

Furthermore, unlike some of the other furniture disposal options mentioned above, they are more than willing to pick up your old furniture even if it is in an upstairs apartment.

As a result, it is a painless (and sweatless) approach for you to get heavy objects removed.

What Are The Charges Of London Council Charges For A Sofa Disposal?

The fees that London boroughs charge residents for their couch collection service vary.  The average fee charged for removal and disposal of their old sofa is around £29 per item. 

To get your couch removed on the same day, you will have to pay around $20–$40. The typical fee to collect a couch is $29.

Most London councils charge around $29 for getting rid of our old furniture.

If you’re looking for free London councils, only six of them provide such services. These councils continue to provide a free sofa collection service. These are:

  1. Newham
  2. Waltham Forest
  3. Tower Hamlets
  4. Hillingdon
  5. Redbridge

If the above-mentioned councils are not available and you want something that is cheaper, faster, and easier then you might want to think about LoveJunk.

They serve as a marketplace for rubbish removal and reuse, so, if you live in London and want a faster collection of furniture, cannot leave your sofa outside, or need it taken extremely quickly, they should be your go-to place.

Their service typically costs between £20 and £40, and if it can be recycled, their charges drop significantly.

  • The top 5 priciest councils

If you live in Richmond, you might have to spend at least six times as much as the inhabitants of Greenwich for the disposal of their sofa.

Now, the top five priciest councils are:

  1. Richmond upon Thames
  2. Hounslow  
  3. London borough           
  4. Ealing
  5. Havering         
  • Expect to wait at least two weeks 

In order to reduce costs, collection response times are not immediately available.  

Even though many towns make a range of claims, overall they are unable to guarantee a response time that is under two weeks at the most. 

Some may be able to collect more soon, depending on the collection day you require, the time of year, and the date of your purchase.