This is The Biggest Lush In London!

Lush is a British company founded in 1995 that produces and distributes fresh, handcrafted cosmetics. Fruits and vegetables are used to formulate the cosmetics.

Lush’s products are produced with the utmost regard for the environment, animals, and human skin.

It manufactures and sells soaps, face and hair creams, shampoos, moisturizers, shower gels, lotions, scrubs, and masks, among other cosmetics.

The company runs stores in 49 countries worldwide, with the majority of sites located in the United States.

The company also has production facilities in the United Kingdom, Croatia, Canada, Japan, Germany, and Australia.

London’s largest Lush is located at 175-179 Oxford Street, Soho.

The retail establishment consists of three stories and 9,500 square feet. The store’s design, which is expansive and stimulating, encourages mobility and tactile interactions.

This exclusive Lush Spa offers 12 unique spa treatments in addition to individualized consultations to determine exactly what our customers are seeking.

How Big Is The Oxford Street Lush Store?

When the world’s largest Lush store opened on Oxford Street, shoppers on Europe’s busiest shopping boulevard were treated to an incredible display of new items.

With almost 8,800 square feet to explore, the Lush shop on Oxford Street is unlike any other in the world.

Bright and colorful, the store is a three-story sanctuary brimming with tactile encounters and manned by incredibly passionate Lush specialists.

Roughly sanded wood, rough crates, and polished cement accentuate the company’s natural philosophy and create a neutral backdrop for its wacky products.

Customers are enticed to ascend or descend the centrally positioned zigzag staircase by the 200 exclusively produced products on display, which include the company’s new cosmetics line.

However, there are a variety of fragrances, sights, and activities that might divert one’s attention.

It also features Kafi Coffee, which offers fairly traded coffee and vegan pastries.

This luxury Lush Spa provides 12 unique spa treatments in addition to individualized consultations to help you find precisely what you’re searching for.

The Hair Lab on the ground level offers hair washing and scalp massages, as well as hair dryers for post-treatment styling.

There is also a #selfie mirror nearby so that you may show your friends through your social networks that you visited this location.

Under the warmth of the bare light bulbs that dangle from the open ceiling beams, the dazzling selection of bath products on the second floor shimmers and gleams with life.

Downstairs, you may arrange treatments at the rural cottage-style spa, which features unique options such as a three-hour massage set to Holst’s orchestral masterwork The Planets.

In contrast, the Gorilla Gallery perfumery combines odors and sensations, similar to Heston Blumenthal’s blindfolded dining experiences, but with fragrances.

What It’s Like To Visit Lush Oxford Street, London?

A visit to Lush Oxford Street is just like falling down a rabbit hole filled with bright and scented pleasures that the cosmetics business and Lush devotees have never seen.

From haircare and bath to skincare and makeup, all of their product lines have been enlarged.

On the main level, you are greeted by a riot of brilliant hues, enticing aromas, and floor-to-ceiling displays of brand-new merchandise.

Enormous shower cream bottles line the reclaimed wood counters, huge multi-colored soaps are stacked to the ceiling, and tubes of vibrantly hued lipstick await testing in the antique-looking glass.

Enormous sinks entice you to touch, smell, and interact with all the new creations.

Visitors can even experience a hair treatment or wash at the Hair Lab, an in-store area with a salon chair, sink, and mirror for comprehensive product demonstrations.

Descending the center staircase immerses you in a world of exquisite scents, massage, and music.

Stepping through the hidden door will lead you to the interactive Gorilla Scent. And before you leave, visit the Spa and commit your mind, body, and spirit to The Planets, a new three-hour treatment.

Upstairs is a utopia for bath enthusiasts, with every aromatic and fizzy bath product imaginable stacked to please the senses.

The compact spheres of bath oils may resemble bonbons, but they are actually filled with luscious butters and essential oils that color and scent your bath water with swirls of color and smell.

On the opposite wall, unique presents and Knot-Wraps in every manner imaginable are on display. Each one contains a carefully chosen selection of Lush goods.

There is also a #selfie mirror nearby so that you may show your friends through your social networks that you visited this location.

This is what great retail is all about: inventiveness, enthusiasm, and passion, and Lush embodies all three.

Currently, the majority of these treats are only available on Oxford Street, but in the near future, many of them will make their debut in North America.

In the next few months, new merchandise will make its way from Oxford Street to a store near you.

Is Lush Environmentally Sustainable?

Lush Cosmetics is renowned for its 100% vegetarian, ethically sourced, anti-animal testing, handmade, and naked packaging products.

As part of their zero-waste culture, they are working on being nude, avoiding single-use items, employing regenerative materials when new materials are required, and purchasing durable products.

Avoiding landfills, incineration, and exports of recycled materials, as well as recovering resources from the environment.

Due to their great commitment to sustainability and the environment, they have just placed two Lyrebird benches from Replas that are built from recycled soft plastics.

Lush favors using recyclable materials. Their packaging material is 90% recycled by weight and they are aiming to recycle the remaining 10%.

They prefer that their packaging should be repurposed, recycled, or composted at the end of its useful life, and they strive to make all of their packaging recyclable or compostable.

When procuring their raw materials, they use considerable care. They prefer to use foods that are sustainably produced and avoid those that are not.

Palm oil, for example, has been removed from their soap base and replaced with more eco-friendly oils.

They are currently striving to eliminate it from all of their goods and are pushing other businesses to do the same.

Over seventy percent of their assortment is self-preserving, and they are constantly looking for ways to increase this.