Here’s Where The Sidemen Live In London!

The Sidemen, a well-known team of British YouTube content producers, have amassed a sizable fan base for their amusing films and team-ups. 

Many of their admirers are interested in learning about their personal life, especially where they live in London. 

We’ll look at the members of the Sidemen’s whereabouts and identify their individual houses in this article. 

Where Does KSI Live?

One of the original Sidemen, KSI (actual name Olajide “JJ” Olatunji), first became well-known for his gaming videos before branching out into music and boxing. 

Richmond is a posh area in London where KSI currently resides. The attractive surroundings, open spaces, and closeness to the River Thames are well-known features of this location.

Where Does Miniminter Live?

Simon Edward Minter, commonly referred to as Miniminter, is another well-known Sideman. 

On his YouTube account, he produces vlogs, challenges, and FIFA gameplay videos. In Kensington, one of London’s wealthiest neighborhoods, Miniminter resides in an opulent flat. 

The exquisite architecture, upscale shops, and cultural activities in Kensington are well known.

Where Does Vikkstar Live?

A significant member of the Sidemen known as Vikkstar creates gaming content for games like Call of Duty and Minecraft. 

He currently resides in the East London neighborhood of Stratford. 

After serving as the venue for the 2012 Summer Olympics, Stratford rose to fame and has since developed into a thriving, up-and-coming neighborhood with superior transportation options and cutting-edge housing projects.

Where Does TBJZL Live?

Tobi Brown, also known as TBJZL, is known for his humorous vlogs, FIFA videos, and challenges. 

Tobi lives in the North London suburb of Enfield. Enfield offers a combination of peaceful neighborhoods, parks, and a bustling town center with facilities including stores and restaurants.

Where Does Behzinga Live?

Behzinga, also known as Ethan Payne, is a well-liked Sidemen player who rose to prominence through his gaming-related challenges, vlogs, and content. 

He currently lives in the South West London district of Roehampton. It is renowned for its greenery, wide open spaces, and close proximity to one of London’s major royal parks, Richmond Park.

Where Does W2S Live?

Harry Lewis, often referred to as W2S is a Sidemen member who first achieved popularity for his FIFA videos before branching out with other stuff. 

The home of Harry is situated in Chelsea, a posh area of West London. Rich residents, upscale stores, and gorgeous Georgian and Victorian architecture are what make Chelsea so well-known.

Where Does Zerkaa Live?

The Sidemen member Zerkaa, whose real name is Joshua Bradley, is famous for his gaming-related vlogs, challenges, and videos. 

He is known to live in the North London district of Barnet. Residential neighborhoods, parks, and convenient transportation to the city center are all available in Barnet.


The Sidemen, a well-known YouTube content production team, have won over millions of fans with their compelling films and team endeavors. 

The Sidemen’s members primarily live in various parts of London, despite the fact that their celebrity and fortune have allowed them to travel to other places in the world. 

Each member has discovered a location that fits their lifestyle and interests, whether it be in the affluent communities of Richmond and Kensington or in suburban communities like Stratford, Enfield, Roehampton, and Barnet. 

Knowing where their favorite Sidemen live in London provides a new level of interest and connection to their online personalities as fans continue to follow their favorite Sidemen.