Which London Airports Are Closest To Cruise Ports? Answered!

The distance between the airport and the cruise port should be taken into account while making cruise travel plans. 

This also becomes a significant factor for tourists visiting London. To guarantee a simple and easy trip, it’s essential to identify which airport is nearest to the cruise port given that the city is served by a number of them. 

In order to assist you make an educated choice, we will go through several London airports and how close they are to the cruise ports in this article.

What Are The Major Airports Serving London?

The following are some of the airports that serve London:

These airports offer a large selection of local and international flights and handle millions of travelers each year.

Which Cruise Ports Are Commonly Used In London?

Southampton and Dover are the two main cruise ports in London. The most well-known port, Southampton, is around 80 miles southwest of London. 

It is a significant starting point for cruises to several places, such as the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and Northern Europe. 

Another important port is Dover, which is about 76 miles southeast of London. It is mostly used as the departure point for excursions to the Baltic Sea and the North Sea.

Which London Airport Is Closest To Southampton Cruise Port?

The closest airport for travelers leaving Southampton’s cruise port is Southampton Airport. It is the most practical choice because it is only a few kilometers from the harbor. 

Limited local and international flights are available at Southampton Airport, mostly to European locations.

Which London Airport Is Closest To Dover Cruise Port?

The closest airport in London is London Gatwick Airport if you are flying out of the Dover cruise port. 

Gatwick Airport is the most practical choice for passengers going to the port because it is situated around 80 miles northeast of Dover. 

One of the busiest in the UK, it provides a large selection of local and international flights.

How Do I Reach Southampton Airport From Other London Airports?

There are various ways to get to Southampton Airport if you are flying into one of the main London airports, such as Heathrow, Gatwick, London City, Stansted, or Luton. You could think of the following:

  • Train

Southampton Airport Parkway, which is only a short taxi or bus trip from Southampton Airport, is immediately connected to London Waterloo Station by train.

  • Coach/Bus

National Express and other coach companies offer direct connections from Southampton to the main London airports. These services provide an easy and affordable method to go to the airport.

  • Private transportation

You can use a private vehicle or taxi service to transport you from the airport to Southampton Airport if you’d like more individualized and direct transportation.

Are There Any Alternative Airports That Can Be Considered?

There are other airports nearby that might be taken into consideration as alternatives, even if Southampton Airport and London Gatwick Airport are the ones that are most convenient to their respective cruise ports. 

You may also look for flights from Southampton to Bournemouth Airport, which is just 34 miles away. You may think about taking a trip from Dover to London Southend Airport, which is around 57 miles away from the port.


Southampton Airport is the nearest airport to the Southampton cruise port, whilst the closest choice for passengers leaving the Dover cruise port is London Gatwick Airport. 

However, numerous airports and modes of transportation are accessible to meet the needs and preferences of different travelers.