Is Cheswick Posh? (Plus FAQs)

Chiswick is a West London suburb with great transit connections, a diverse range of local services, and easy access to scenic portions of the river Thames.

Chiswick is a historic fishing village that is an upscale enclave that gives all the amenities of the busy city center without the noise and bustle.

It’s a popular destination for families searching for a safe environment with a variety of amenities and activities ideal for both children and adults.

Chiswick, with its great schools, scenic views, and pleasant, family-oriented culture, is worth considering if you are searching for a place to settle down and stay and once you are there, it’s unlikely you will want to leave anyhow!

Locals in Chiswick are enthusiastic about their neighborhood’s property and have battled for decades to conserve its lovely homes.

Pretty Victorian cottages, big Edwardian homes, and elegant Georgian riverside buildings have all been saved as a result of these efforts.

Despite its high demand, Chiswick is reasonably priced; much more so than residences in neighboring Richmond and Hammersmith.

This is a significant advantage to buying or renting on the outskirts of town, and with such excellent transportation links and easy access to downtown London, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage.

High-end homebuyer demand is currently at its third highest level in Chiswick.

Is Chiswick A Nice Area?

Chiswick is a riverfront village that has been transformed into a desirable neighborhood, with magnificent period homes and ample green space combined with a dynamic mix of businesses and restaurants to entice inhabitants to stay for the long haul.

The area’s genteel features, however, do not preclude it from being accessible by public transportation. The location is a commuter’s dream, with strong road connections, Heathrow connections, and only a half-hour drive from the West End.

Chiswick is consistently considered one of London’s best neighborhoods for families and young professionals, with a green charm and a well-connected metropolitan ambiance.

It’s a popular location for families looking for a safe atmosphere with a wide range of amenities and activities that are suitable for both children and adults.

Every year, Chiswick holds a variety of local events. Chiswick Festival and Bedford Park Festival, both are yearly gatherings of arts, music, comedy, culture, and entertainment, and are both hugely popular.

Chiswick could be the destination for you if you want quick access to downtown London, excellent ties to the West, and the perfect blend of continental coffee shops, pubs, diners, and green open space.

This lush suburb, which is popular with many celebrities, illustrates that living on the outskirts of London doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the finest that the city has to offer.

It is a lovely town with a village vibe and abundance of open spaces, which is the polar opposite of industrial, concrete London.

Chiswick House is a special highlight, with its beautiful gardens making it the ideal spot for a walk with the dog and the kids.

It also boasts all the amenities you could want, including superb schools, a plethora of stores, and warm, friendly pubs and cafés, all while being just a short train journey from the thrill of downtown London.

Chiswick is not just a pleasant location to live because of its people and overall environment; it also has some breathtaking views, particularly from the Victorian homes that line the Thames.

Within Chiswick’s catchment area, there is a wide range of primary and secondary school settings, as well as institutions that provide exceptional SEND (special educational needs and disability) services.

With 65 acres of woodland, lawns, and gardens to explore, Chiswick House and Gardens is a particular highlight.

When it comes to local cafes and eateries, you are spoiled for choice. The ever-popular Urban Pantry Cafe on Devonshire Street, as well as Angie’s Little Food Shop and Parlé Pantry on Chiswick High Road, are all great places to go for brunch.

Chiswick is also home to a number of excellent coffee shops, including Chief Coffee, Good Boy Coffee, and Artisan.

The onsite Café serves a variety of hot beverages as well as lunch options such as freshly baked sourdough pizzas. There are numerous seating options both inside and outside, and the establishment is ideally positioned close to a children’s playground.

What Celebs Live In Chiswick?

Colin Firth, Vanessa Redgrave, Timothy Dalton, Jeremy Irons, and Kate Beckinsale are just a few of the local celebrities that live in Chiswick.

Poets Alexander Pope and W. B. Yeats, Impressionist painter Camille Pissarro, Italian poet and revolutionary Ugo Foscolo, author E. M. Forster, rock musicians Pete Townshend, John Entwistle, and Phil Collins, and theatre director Peter Brook were among the residents of Chiswick.

What Is The Nicest Part Of Chiswick?

Chiswick attracts both families and young professionals, with a diverse range of house designs and eras.

Bedford Park and the Glebe Estate are two of the most popular neighborhoods, with big, separate Arts and Crafts residences.

Chiswick Mall is made up of elegant Georgian buildings, while Strand-on-the-Green features lovely riverside cottages. There are buildings of apartments along Chiswick High Road if you are looking for something a little more modern.

Is Chiswick A Dodgy Area?

Chiswick is one of London’s safest neighborhoods, with exceptionally low crime rates when compared to other parts of the city.

Of course, no neighborhood is completely crime-free, but the area’s affluent population, which is mostly made up of young families, implies there’s a lower danger of more serious criminal activity.

You could do a lot worse than living in Chiswick if you are seeking a safe and inviting location to call home.

In general, Chiswick inhabitants feel comfortable and secure in their surroundings because crime rates are low compared to other neighboring London boroughs, and they are certainly among the lowest in Hounslow.

The Met has a strong presence in the area, and while crime exists in any town or city, Chiswick is one of West London’s safest neighborhoods.

Visit Chiswick’s specialized pages on the Police UK website, Chiswick Homefields and Chiswick Riverside, for a thorough summary of local crime rates and policing.