Is Muswell Hill Posh? (Plus Other FAQs)

Muswell Hill, one of the top most desirable neighborhoods in London, is a suburban community surrounded by stunning natural scenery and green places, great schools, amazing shopping centers, and impressive historical architecture.

Located in the Borough of Haringey and Barnet, it has the most relaxed atmosphere in London. 

Families who are looking to raise their kids in a peaceful and calm environment while still being close to London’s thriving economic hubs can choose Muswell Hill.

It is a great place where one can feel safe any part of the day or night and offers a strong sense of community.

It is considered London’s most posh area with expensive apartments and an affluent lifestyle. The place offers elite restaurants and shopping districts, where only rich people can afford to go.

Muswell Hill offers many great places, and Alexandra Palace is one of them.

It is commonly known as The People’s Palace.

Not only locals but tourists also enjoy this beautiful historic entertainment facility and community hub that hosts many great events, concerts, and exhibitions all year long.

There is so much to discover in Alexandra Palace, from Skate Park, lovely grounds, artistic views, and the boating lake. It’s the perfect place for a family fun day out.

Moreover, the views from the Palace’s high location are remarkable. This and much more Muswell Hill has to offer to its residents.

Is Muswell Hill a Nice Place To Live?

One of London’s most desirable districts, Muswell Hill is a suburban area surrounded by beautiful green spaces, fantastic commercial areas, wonderful schools, and great historic buildings and architecture. Its ambiance is the most laid-back in all of London and is found in the Borough of Haringey and Barnet.

It is surrounded by great areas and woodland, making it one of North London’s greenest neighborhoods. It’s the ideal place for walking your dogs, taking strolls, jogging, and having picnics with your friends or families.

Highgate Wood, in particular, is a perfect place to go for a walk or have picnics. The place is surrounded by historical woods to explore, as well as a variety of animal species. Within this park, more than 70 different bird species reside. It is peaceful and calm where one can take in the natural beauty of Muswell Hill.

There are other great places to explore too, which makes Muswell Hill worth living in. One of these great places is Alexandra Palace. It is typically referred to as The People’s Palace. This lovely historic entertainment venue, which serves as a community hub and holds a number of excellent events, concerts, and exhibitions throughout the year, is enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

Alexandra Palace offers a great number of attractions, including a skate park, magnificent grounds, stunning views, and a boating lake. It’s the ideal location for a day of fun with the family. Moreover, the views from the Palace’s high location are remarkable.

This lovely north London suburb’s strong community is a result of its abundance of green space, village-like atmosphere, and top-notch schools. It offers all kinds of amenities and sources of entertainment to its residents.

The famous cinema in this area is The Everyman Cinema which provides a comfortable setting for watching the newest blockbuster movies and shows, and the cherry on top is, that they get the food delivered right to your comfy seats.

The shopping districts in this area are elite and so are the restaurants, clubs, and pubs. It is regarded as one of London’s most posh neighborhoods, with expensive yet beautiful Edwardian apartments and a luxurious lifestyle.

In addition to the lovely green places in Muswell Hill, the schools also serve as an attraction for families looking for top-notch educational institutions for their kids. All of the elementary, secondary, as well as schools in this area have received great ratings time and time again.

It is a good option for families that want to be close to London’s flourishing economic centers while still wanting to raise their children in a quiet and serene atmosphere. It’s a wonderful area with a strong sense of community where one may feel comfortable at any time of the day or night.

Since the area is safe, has great houses, wonderful schools, and different sources of entertainment, it is a great place to live in. It can be too expensive for some, but if you belong to an elite background, you will love it there.

What Type Of People Live In Muswell Hill?

Muswell Hill, one of London’s most sought-after areas, is a suburban town surrounded by lovely open spaces, outstanding business areas, terrific schools, and outstanding historic places and architecture. It is located in the Borough of Haringey and Barnet and has the most relaxed atmosphere in the entire capital city of the United Kingdom.

In this area, mostly British people reside, as well as a small percentage of Irish and Jews. Since it is an affluent area, people who belong to an elite background live in Muswell Hill.

Known for its expensive houses and luxurious lifestyle, it is regarded as London’s most affluent neighborhood. Moreover, it has upscale dining options and shopping areas that are solely accessible to wealthy people.

Is Muswell Hill A Safe Place?

There are many reasons that make Muswell Hill a great place to live in, including its abundance of green places, beautiful apartments, great schools, elite restaurants, and fantastic shopping centers. Its calm environment and great places to explore attract many tourists throughout the year.

Being a desired location, the housing costs can be a little too high. The upscale eateries and other places are also costly and are only accessible to rich people.

It is one of the most sought-after areas in London for families looking to raise their children in a calm environment and also where highly-rated educational institutes are present. 

In terms of safety, Muswell Hill has a really low crime rate be it street crimes or property theft. It is even safe at night, which is why the residents of this area can go out any part of the day or night to explore the beauty of this area. 

Lastly, the area has everything for everyone. With so much to offer and so many places to explore, it is of no surprise that it is such a desirable place to live in.