New London Developments: Exciting Projects to Watch in 2024

London is a city that is always changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with what the future holds. However, there are 12 exciting developments that Londoners can expect to see in the city’s future. These developments include new office spaces in the City of London, as well as green spaces and extensions to iconic institutions.

From wetlands to the controversial HS2 project, London’s future promises to be both exciting and challenging. Read on to discover more about the newest development projects that will shape the city’s landscape in the years to come.

Key Takeaways

  • London is set to undergo significant changes in the near future.
  • New office spaces and green areas are among the developments that are planned.
  • The HS2 project is one of the most controversial developments that Londoners can expect to see.

Exciting Future London Developments

Euston Station and the Uncertain Future of HS2

Euston Station‘s redevelopment project began in 2017 with the demolition of obstructing buildings. The second phase, which involves the actual construction of the station, is scheduled to begin in 2026. The project’s goal is to construct a new facade, expand the cramped ticket hall, improve underground and parking links, and add ten more platforms. Some of these platforms will be reserved for HS2, but the future of HS2 is uncertain. The project is expected to be completed in 2033.

Google HQ: A New Landmark in King’s Cross

Google’s new headquarters in King’s Cross is the largest development in the area, measuring 330 meters in length. The offices, which are scheduled to open in 2024, will feature basketball courts, rooftop walking trails, and nap pods, as well as other amenities like slides, beanbags, and even a London bus.

55 Bishopsgate: A New Skyscraper with a Sky Garden

55 Bishopsgate is a proposed 285-meter-high building that aims to be one of the tallest in London. The building will feature its own Sky Garden, which is significant because it will be taller than the Sky Garden in the Walkie Talkie building. The building’s design is inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, which is a pattern found in nature.

Beddington Farmlands: A New Nature Reserve in Sutton

Work is already underway to create a new nature reserve in Sutton, south London. The reserve, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2023, will cover 400 acres and provide space for wildlife and plants to thrive. The project was approved as part of a deal to build the Beddington Incinerator.

Highline Park: A New Public Garden in Camden

Camden Highline is a new public garden inspired by New York’s Highline Park. The project involves revamping a segment of disused overground railtrack to create a 1.2-kilometer-long strip of public gardens. The project is entirely crowdfunded, and the first section has already been approved, with no official completion date yet.

One Leadenhall: A New Office and Retail Space in the City of London

One Leadenhall is a new development that will provide 40,000 square meters of office space and retail space on the ground floor. The building will sit across from Leadenhall Market and feature a free outdoor terrace.

Liverpool Street Station Redevelopment: A New Tower and Public Garden

Liverpool Street Station is slated for redevelopment that will add a 16-story tower to the train station. The £1.5bn project will be handled by Stellar, the company that designed the Shard, as well as Network Rail and MTR, the company that runs the Elizabeth line. The tower will feature ten floors of office space and six floors for the Andaz hotel. There will also be a public roof garden with a cafe and a pool.

The British Library Extension: A New Gallery Space and Community Garden

The British Library will undergo a massive extension that will add more gallery space, spaces for bigger events, and a community garden. The £500m project will add an extra 100,000 square feet to the already large library complex, with no official start or completion date yet.

Gotham City: A New Skyscraper in the City of London

Stanza London, also known as Gotham City, is a £400m building designed to resemble classic North American skyscrapers from the last century. The 34-story building will provide office spaces and a sizable retail area on the lower floors. Mace, the company behind the project, secured a preemptive court injunction to stop “urban explorers” from climbing on the building’s skeleton while it’s being constructed.

Holland Park Gate: A New High-End Residential Development in Kensington

Holland Park Gate is a new high-end residential development on Kensington high street. The residences will feature a 5-star hotel-level service, an exclusive spa with a 25-meter-long swimming pool, a library, and additional space for office and retail. The flats will range from one to four bedrooms.

Park Modern: A New Luxury Service Apartment in Hyde Park

Park Modern is a new luxury service apartment by Fenton Whelan that is currently under construction. The apartment will feature a 25-meter pool, exclusive gym and spa areas, a treatment salon, a signature restaurant and cafe, and hotel-type perks that come with certain apartments. The apartments will also offer a stunning view of Kensington Palace Gardens or Hyde Park.

The South Dock Footbridge: A New Footbridge in Canary Wharf

The local council has announced plans to build a footbridge across the water in Canary Wharf to better link the parts where people live.